Rengades New unoforms

I listened to the game last night on the radio in my gazebo. How good is that? But I watched SportsCentre on TSN last night and they showed clips from the game. After complaining about the new jerseys, all I have to say is I LIKE THEM! At first I thought I was watching a film clip from the '60’s! Ottawa’s white jerseys were reminiscent of the era when Ottawa the lightning bolts on their helmets and the stripe on their shoulders.
I LUV "EM!!!

Go Rens Go !!! WOO HOO!!! :smiley:

This has nothing to do with Ottawa jersey, but it was the closest thing to a jersey forum I could find. My new road Ti-Cats came in the mail this morning with Yeast #5 on it! It is 10,000 times more awesome than I thought! Reebok freakin’ RULES! I don’t even know if my post makes sense but I don’t care!!


From the T.V. clips that I have seen , the photos do not do the sweaters justice.

Calgary’s looked awesome , on T.V., as did OTTAWA’S …and that is great news for the CFL.

kunga chu chu or whatever ur called, dont worry u will get used to the jerseys as the season goes on and u will start to like them

I got a chance to see all the jerseys, and I think they are much better when you actually get see and hold them in person (did that sound sissy to anyone else?) Anyway, I have to say, the Argos home jersey is much nicer than I thought. (oopps, I think a little puke came up when I said that) and I love the Lions new look too.

I liked the red numero’s…now bring back the “R”

all I got to say is this Rens jeresy are WHACK AND THEY ARE the best i have seen let’s not forget both Ti-cats ans argos WOW

i love the new gades jersey.

I just check the 'Gades website for some photos of their new jerseys, and yes they are indeed snazzy lookin!!!

I like em, even tho Im not a big Rens fan. I like the Argos personally.

Anyone know where I can score some pics of old school jerseys? I found a site with all the old helmets, but no jerseys.

Im new btw. :smiley:

the pics dont do them justice Scotty, you need to see the clips, they look good.

What the hell is with Winnipeg’s all-gold helmets?

The colors and uniforms are great, but twith those helmets they look like a frickin’ practice squad!

just means they havent decaled up yet.

I just wasn’t sure if that was actually the case, or if it’s part of the new look.

they’ll have the logo on, dont worry about it.

Actually I have yet to see any of the new jerseys in person, but according to the radio guys calling the game, they had a real hard time making out the numbers.