My apologies if this has been brought up previously...

Why is this forum thread called the "Ottawa Renegades" if they haven't officially decided on a name for the team as of yet?

thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

When the CFL team forums first started up, which was in 2005 I think; The Ottawa Renegades played out their (last) season.

go 'Gades go!

Ottawa Omen’s?

omen; def: sign of something to come.

Ottawa O-men?

even better! :thup:

Sounds too much like the suggestion awhile ago to name the team after the original name of Ottawa - Bytown the "By-men"

No winkie mike with the name By-men? :o

How about the Ottawa Pinchers? That should strike fear in any opposing team....

the football team should be called the friends of landsdowne

I think it should be called "Ottawa 2014"

Or alternatively ‘Ottawa 2014?’

Harper would certainly like the Ottawa Royals or the Ottawa Colonials :lol:

Wow - we are getting some real "lame" suggestions these days!

I love the name Renegades too bad they won't keep it going

... ou le HMS d'Ottawa...

You can't throw away 120 years of history, go with Rough Riders

Canadians are famous, so I've heard, about not having the ability to respect their history, their own history at that.