Man was I wrong!!! The Renegades are worse than I thought. You need more than 8 first downs to win a game. Wishful thinking on my part, I guess I was just excited to see the season start. Joseph did not look good, he did not scramble, although, he needs protection. The refs didn’t help. WTF is up with Kellett. Get rid of the guy. Poapoa needws more imagination. Edmonton looked good but not as good as I thought agianst a weak team. Elvis looks awesome. Lots of power. Congrats, to Esk fans. Ottawa will be 0-4, what were the schedule makers thinking ?

NO, I don’t take this all as seriously as you do…I don’t need to live through my football team…because, I have a life.

If you had bothered to read my other posts regarding EDMONTON…I have written many good things about this EDMONTON team.

And I not not the only one complaning about the reffing of this one game…

As for bragging about the ARGOS…it was a few CFL fans who are complete sore losers who promted me , and who say that the ARGOS winning the GREY CUP, was a some kind of fluke.

So…lets look at how B.C. , made it to last years ,GREY CUP…

In the final game of the regular season vs. SASK…the refs blew the call at the end and SASK. had really won that game, after all…many SASK. fans were mad and with good reason.This robbed them of home field advantage, in the play offs.

In the WESTERN FINAL …it was a close game and how was it decided? …by a SASK. kicker missing a field goal. :roll:

BUT …B.C… was also a very good team.

EDMONTON , has won 5 GREY CUPS in a row and were probaly the best team in CFL history…but even they , lost games during the regular season.

So, it seems that a few people,here just hate the ARGOS because they are good and are the GREY CUP CHAMPS , and that there is 1 standard for the ARGOS , and 1 standard for all other CFL teams.

When did I ever wright that the ARGOS would have a perfect season?

Hmmm, here's a neutral persons take of the game. 7 Sacks for Edmonton Defense. Kept Ottawa's offense to a minimum. Ricky Ray picked apart the Ottawa secondary. Yes there were some close calls by the officials, but you know what, they even out during the season. I'll bet that Edmonton will have a few go against them this season. It's just part of the game. I thought Edmonton's o-line played well....Speraking of O-line.....

Question for the fans at the game. Did Morris play at Tackle for Edmonton? I couldn't recall seeing him. (Maybe I was grabbing a beer if TSN said anything). Did he get injured early on in the game?


Chris Morris, Offensive Tackle....My fault, I shouldn't have asked the question here. I redirected my question to The Eskies post site.

My Error.

Moses… You can’t have the last word with someone who has such an inferiority complex. Hellothere is so worried that we will take on his Argos that he starts the fire himself by saying we don’t show any respect to the Argos and by implying we all think we’ll win the Grey Cup because we have one win. Everytime someone answers the guy, he feels he has to re-write everything he knows about football, including the fact that his dad can draw boats.

Let the poor guy go…

True dat…
And I think he knows that his team beat a very unbeatable Ted White last year…same old Argos fans. :wink:

I will go on a limb and predict that the RENEGADES WILL UPSET THE ESKIMOS TONIGHT and break the 22 year losing streak at Commonwealth Stadium. !!!! By the way, what ever happened to Clarke Stadium, was it torn down? If it was, when was it? :roll: :?:
BUT you didn't say which year, so your off the hook

nope dont think he is evon on he roster

:lol: you people are such losers.And give the CFL a bad name...........................

WOW!! have we found someone new to pick on since elmerfudd19 dissappeared?

According to hello there, If we don't agree with him, we're all losers and morons but I'm guessing that is his entire vocabulary. Everyone in this forum is giving the CFL a bad name. That coming from a guy who cheers for a city that wants a NFL team

He also knows “anal retentive” and “stalker”. Has he attributed any of these to you yet? It will come next time you disagree with his nonsense.

Can't wait for that.