They where in both halves…the T.D. …that wasn’t…the fumble that wasn’t…ect…

In the second half…there was NO roughing call on EDMONTON on the kick off…an obviously holding by an Edmonton player[#65 or 66] , missed, and big first down was made…and then the contacting the kicker …that was not an auto matic first down for, OTTAWA…[I could be wrong about that rule.]

Now, I am not saying that EDMONTON are a bad team , and clearly EDMONTON, was clearly the better team tonight…but the real test for EDMONTON, will be playing…the ARGOS , MONTREAL , B.C. , SASK.

Can't blame the refs when you lose by 25 points.

Esks had some questionable calls and no-calls against them too. Plus, they got a touchdown disallowed.

what touchdown was disallowed?

Craver’s punt return TD in the 3rd quarter.

There was no fumble :? his knee was clearly down be for the ball came out, as for the TD that wasn’t that was only 7 points, what about the other 14 points we won by :?: Now the contacting the kicker is a 10 yard penalty and the play before Ottawa had lost yards, it’s not a auto matic first down :wink:

Roughing the kicker is an automatic first.
Contacting is 10 yards, not much good it you are 3rd and 15

But it was roughing the kicker. The REF gave them a break.

I didnt see it
Are you saying it was roughing but the ref called it contacting?

Even if it were a 15 yard penalty, Ottawa would have been 2-3 yards short of the first down. The previous play was a sack for an 8 yard loss.

In your opinion [even the TSN comm. thought it was a fumble] . And that should have been roughing the kicker…as he wiped out the OTTAWA, kicker.BUT yet …they didn’t call many obvious holdings and rough plays against ,EDMONTON.

Momentum in a game is very important , and keeping drives alive through peneties tires out the defence.

It would be interesting to see how many yards and points were scored off B.S. calls.

Again EDMONTON was the better team…but in my opinion…it was a hollow victory.

IMO it evened out the Tucker TD, two bad calls, one gave us a TD, the other took one away, didnt effect the game…41-16

but their was allot more than just those blown calls.

for example?

Blown calls or not, Ottawa needs more than 8 first downs and score more than one touchdown on offense to beat the Eskimos.

Nobody can dispute that.

Already the crying about officiating begins…some of you guys just aren’t friggin’ happy unless you’re crying about something. :cry:

“Hollow” victory? Dude, were those 7 sacks “hollow”? They absolutely outclassed the Gades, 'kay? And you’re looking for “hollow”, look at your team’s East final win last year, got it?

I didn’t relieze that there was bad reffing in the EAST FINAL?

Is the fact that we ALSO beat… B.C. …hollow?

WOW, you pounded OTTAWA and get WINNIPEG next…start planning your GREY CUP, parade now.

You’re a f*&%ing idiot! Nobody’s bragging about this win…you’re simply discreditting it. Piss off, wanker! Worry about that pathetic display the Argos barfed out last night. You’re right, the refs didn’t win it for TO last year, but a healthy Calvillo on the other hand…and you know it, chump.

FUCK OFF ASSHOLE…the reffing was bad…in that game…but I also wrote that EDMONTON were clarly the better team…

SO HOW DID WE BEAT B.C. as well…MORON?. :roll:


The ARGOS lost to a better team of that night…27 to 20 , and a touch down run, called back…I am not worried at all.

now take your medication. :lol:

I can no longer tell who is saying what....
I can understand a quote when we are on page 8 and the quote is from page one but quoteing the previous post is just nuts

Too many "english" words, ro?

Anyway, Hello you're the biggest fool on the board. You brag ad nauseum about how big and bad your Argos are and you simply give a whif to losing to the Grey Cup losers while discreditting, oh sorry, labeling an Eskimos victory as "hollow". Get your passion in it a hate on for the Esks, the officials, your own Pinball's play-calling?