Renegades website....

Looks like the link was changed. Last week, when you clicked on it, it brought you to Bernie Glieberman's many company's. Now it is just dead...thanks to my buddy who complained to the mods! :twisted:

[url=][/url] seems to be back up now (as the teams site), although the link on is still dead.

That's good news.

How the link got re-directed to Crosswinds is something a lot of us would like to know.

Gades' fans don't need another kick in the teeth --- or the 'nads from League

Best guess....they were clearing things out and relocated the server or moved from slam and a new IP address did not get mapped correctly or something similar. The domain name is good till the 29th of October (it was a five year registration starting Oct 29, 2001 before the team hit the field) will be interesting to see if it gets renewed at that time.

and the fun never stops…..

the site seems to do a redirect off crosswinds, confirming my suspicion that they moved the site a different server (owned by Bernie)

and the cfl registered a new domain:

[url=][/url] on Wednesday July 19th for 2 years (expires July 19, 2008)

They also linked there lovely new site (not much on it) to the main page.

The old site is here: