Renegades upset with fans!

Wow… all of you people who are saying that the Gades should move sure have short memories… What about BC when they averaged 15,000 just a short while ago? How about Toronto and their 13 - 15,000 average?? Or Hamilton?? Same thing… These things take time, and after 30 years of losing, I’m surprised that 19,000 are coming out every game.

Also if George Hudson is so upset with the fans, maybe he and the team should play better. They’ve certainly stunk the joint out the last 3 games.

Ya and you guy's are in trouble, with the Big Bad Bluebomber's cooming to Town

Sadly, moving a team is always an option if they're doing poorly ... but it's way too early to be considering it seriously. They just got new ownership, who claim to be committed to keeping the team in Ottawa - and it would be poor businessmanship if they weren't. Also, the new owners haven't even been around for one offseason. A lot of Ottawa fans use the excuse that since there was no advertising and no offseason promotion, the park stays empty. Before considering moving the team, lets see how they do after the Gliebermen get a few years under their belts. These things take time - there's always a multi-year plan; it's never a one-year thing!

Didn't the Al's have problems selling seats when they were playing at the Big Owe? If my memory serves me right, they did have problems.

I'd hate to see the Gades go becase their is no intrest in Ottawa, I think the CFL needs a team in the Nation's Capital to be a national league, like that whole thing with Washington getting a MLB team.