Renegades upset with fans!

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When it comes to certain Renegades fans, George Hudson would like less talk and more action.

Irking the veteran centre specifically are callers to the local all sports radio station who are saying coach Joe Paopao deserves to be shown the door.

"It seems like right now, the only ones who haven't given up on us is ourselves," Hudson said after yesterday's practice -- the first since Ottawa's record was dropped to 5-6 and losing streak extended to three courtesy of the B.C. Lions. "We're still in the hunt for a playoff spot. We're still in the running for first place.

"But I was listening to the Team 1200 the other day and it seemed every other caller was saying Coach P. should be fired, or he should resign. That's just stupid. Then what? Who do we have then? It's just ridiculous."

Also frustrating to Hudson, among others, are the attendance numbers at Frank Clair Stadium in 2005.

Through five home games, the average turnout is approximately 18,600. Only once has the crowd surpassed the 20,000 mark, and Ottawa has been the site of the only four sub-20,000 turnouts in the CFL this year.

"Then you get a team like Hamilton, which is 2-and-a-lot (nine) and is drawing 29,000 ... it's very disappointing," said Hudson. "This is a much bigger town than Hamilton, and the ticket prices are reasonable. It's almost like they're counting on us to fail."

That's Ottawa sports fans for yah. I don't blame them though because their city is full of "Important Government Employees" who wouldn't dare waste their time with sports.

Is that a shot?

Poor Renegades get no fan support... thats what happens when you try to put an expansion team that close to 2 other teams. Ontario dosn't exactly need 3 teams. I think they should move someplace that has no team to really cheer for right now.

How about one of the Island provinces.

Edit: All three are in Southern Ontario I also Notice, so move North if you have to, Im pretty sure Norhern Ontario woul like to watch some CFL as well.

I normally don't approve of players slamming the fans, but it might just be warranted in this case. Ottawa fans screaming for Paopao's head in midseason should start thinking about what happens after Paopao's gone. Is it Paopao's fault that Kerry Joseph has played like a 1st-year college QB the past two games? Now that Banks is healthy, I have no doubt that Joe will use him in relief if Joseph isn't performing. It could happen as soon as this week's game. The loss to B.C. was an embarrassment but the Gades will recover. Hudson's right on. Instead of whining and complaining, Gades fans should come out and support their team.

Ahh if Banks is healthy why didn’t we get to see him instead of Kennedy in the 4th when it was BC 1 million - Ottawa not a million???

Attendance - tired of talking about this but maybe the reason there’s 19k at each game is cause those are actual paid attendance… No freebies are given like in Tdot and other cities,

19K is pretty good for a team with 0 advertizing until June 19th? no?

1 last thing… The als get 20k at their games what’s the big deal?

And until recently the Argos were going to move into a stadium of similar size? What’s the big deal?

I agree with the comments on what happens post Powpow though… He’s not the reason the Gades have lost 3 in a row…

Banks didn't play last week because he wasn't healthy last week. Not sure how much more needs to be said.

As for the Als' attendance, for the hundredth time on these boards, the stadium capacity is only 20,202. The Als have been lobbying Montreal for money to build about 5000 extra seats and I guarantee you that when those seats are built, they will be sold out.

[quote="SubZero"]Poor Renegades get no fan support... thats what happens when you try to put an expansion team that close to 2 other teams. Ontario dosn't exactly need 3 teams. I think they should move someplace that has no team to really cheer for right now.

Expansion team. What planet did you just come from. Ottawa Football deserves more respect than that.

Ottawa Rough Riders
Founded: 1876
Folded: 1996
Formerly known as: Ottawa Football Club 1876 to 1897, Ottawa Senators 1925 to 1926.
Home stadium: Frank Clair Stadium, formerly called Landsdowne Park
Uniform colours: Black, red and white
Helmet design: Black background with a white "R"
Eastern regular season championships: 15 -- 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1951, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1973, 1975, 1976, 1978
Grey Cup finals appearances: 15 -- 1925 (won), 1926 (won), 1936 (lost), 1939 (lost), 1940 (won), 1941 (lost), 1948 (lost), 1951 (won), 1960 (won), 1966 (lost), 1968 (won), 1969 (won), 1973 (won), 1976 (won), 1981 (lost)

Franchise history
The team was organized in 1876 as the Ottawa Football Club. It adopted the name Rough Riders in 1898. Although in later years the name was said to derive from logging, the team played from 1925 on in the colours of the Teddy Roosevelt's Regiment in the Spanish-American War, which, with the date of the renaming, suggests that the name comes from the war. The team did change its nickname to Senators in 1925 and 1926.

The Als fans pay a lot more than Ottawa fans for tickets, so the owner collects a lot more.

That's odd. If memory serves me correctly, wasn't the top priced season ticket for the Gades this year close to, if not over, $700? Sure, it included VIP lounge access, but still. But I do agree that on an individual game basis, the Als have the highest priced ducats in the league.

Montreal also has 1 or usually 2 games at the Big O with 100000 fans and higher playoff prices.

Of course this was written by Third_And_Ten early in the season. Ottawa then offered $99.00 season tickets.

well, with Toronto (and most other places in Ontario), you have to take into account the 7% GST (blast you, Mulroney/Chretien/whomever is responsible for this), and a 10% provincial amusement tax. Hence, the off-kilter dollar value for season ducats at the Dump.

That was BRAIN's doing......have you been to the R.C. latley?

excuses......move OTTAWA to QUEBEC CITY ,unless they start showing up.

Maybe the fans are fed up with Loonie's Toga/ Mardi Gras Ideas.

Actually...Question for Ottawa Fans....What was attendance like before the first Time the Gliebermans and Horn Chen ran the franchise into the ground? Late 70's early 80's?????

Thank you for your history lesson of Ottawa football, but I was talking about the Renegades, not all of Ottawas football teams. The Renegades are still an Expansion team in my mind, they are what...3 or 4 years old yet.

I am now more convinced then earlier in the season how the Gleibs would be smart and financially better off to move the team at year end to Quebec City. Setting up a better rivalry with the Als. I would think it would be cheaper to convert Paps stadium to 25,000 then to buid new. Then, the new expansion team can go to Halifax.

Arrrrgh ... again ... the Gades aren't going to move ... it would make no sense to move them. Give up on trying to move the Gades! It ain't happening!

While I am not crazy about the idea of moving the team, if the fans are not coming out it is an option to look at.