Renegades to return as the Steelback?

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Renegades to return as the Steelback? Brewery owner unveils plans for team name, uniforms By: Chris Creamer - April 29, 2006

The second coming of the Ottawa Renegades franchise already has a new name and uniforms, even before getting approval to return to the league.

Frank D'Angelo, owner of Steelback Brewery in Toronto, announced his intentions to purchase the suspended franchise and rename them the Ottawa Steelback.

"We'd love to be a part of the CFL and the revitalization of a new Ottawa team.", D'Angelo said. "We want to start with a clean slate. Any homage to the past would slow our push towards the future. A future that sees the Ottawa Steelback as a successful and thriving CFL powerhouse."

The CFL has yet to approve D'Angelo as a new owner of the Renegades, nor have they even said the team will be back for 2007.

The uniforms unveiled were red with black arms and silver side panels. 'Steelback' was across the back in black where the players' name would go with an '07' in silver block numbers. The numbers on the sleeves were red with white trim.

A logo is expected to be unveiled next week.

hows the beer......must be a micro brewery, we dont get it in the peg.............

I h ope for the sake of the Ottawa fans that D'Angelo has success in bringing the franchise back, but that opens up a whole can of worms. Are the players picked in the DD going back to Ottawa next year , essentially making them rentals for a year? Or is another draft likely? Frank Clair stadium needs to be repaired, apparently, so that will cost $$. If the team is back for 07, then its up to Ottawa fans to support the team. The ball will be in their court.

they wont be going back, what the heck would happen with all the trades then?

The trades are done deals, but knowing the BOG, it woud not surprise me if they decided to go that route, giving the DD players back. I would think they would hold a special draft so Ottawas could re-stock their team, and some players that were not picked might go back. I wonder if Ottawa is in a space time continuim, getting the franchise back and folding it every few yrs or so lol

No. There will be another player dispersal draft and teams will only be able to protect a certain number of guys. Plus Ottawa will get first pick in the junior draft.

Granted I'm pretty picky about what Beer I consume, but Steelback beer is awful. Made from heavy water near the nuclear plant. They put huge "MADE IN CANADA" labels on their crap to fool unsuspecting Americans into thinking it's premium stuff. Also it would pain me to have a cfl team named after a consumer product. MLS has renamed the NY/NJ metrostars the red bulls. now that's bush. D'Angelo's character can be summed up in 3 words: "DO YOU CHEETAH?"

at least steelbacks sounds less arena football than renegades does. i hope they come back as the steelbacks and use the red uni’s

Whether you like it or hate it, Steelback is a decent name for a sports franchise. IF the team suceeds then people will forget about the beer connection being a 'sell out" kind of thing.

I don't think Renegades is a bad name at all ... Steelbacks (with the 's') is worse, and just Steelback (no S) is almost as bad as it gets. And the fact that it would be named after a consumer product just makes it worse. Uniforms sound nice though.

When the Renegades come back - I'm holding out hope that they will - I do NOT think they should change their name. That would only serve to alienate fans. Apparently some fans are having a hard time associating with the Renegades and not the Rough Riders. Why would you exacerbate that problem? I also think it would be a PR disaster, and I know it would look "bush"

At least he's willing to buy the team and field it, but I don't know about this D'Angelo guy ...

Personally, I don't care what the team is named after or how associated it is with a consumer product. Let's just get this league back to nine teams(and hopefully ten in the future).

while not quite the same but Labatt Blue is named after the Blue Bombers

A product being named after a canadian institution is cool, and shows how important and reveered that institution is. Said institiution being named after a fly by night product as a corporate tie-in by a cheesy president of the brand as a marketing venture is just sad.

this is a joke right?

cuz if it isn't, all I have to say is this:


What would rather have? A team not named roughriders OR renegades or no team at all?

They can name them the Ottawa Turnip Trucks as far as I care. I just wasnt a team

Rather have the Renegades back with Red and Gold, not this!

but no team at all would be wrost, but jeez, why do people have to be so stupid!

Good for Ottawa … managed to find another meat head to destroy another attempt at a football franchise in Ottawa …

Needless to say … here’s your official forewarning … D’Angelo is a MEGA ego, and has ZERO knowledge / experience of running a pro sports franchise … Don’t be surprised if he spends a bundle, it flops, and you’re in the very same situation in 1-2 years from now when he runs out of cash or patience …

Larry Ryckman, Bruce McNall, the Gliebermans are just but a few examples of people that have owned teams in the past and flopped them due to being completely misguided by their own ignorence and inexperience running a pro sports franchise …

I wish you luck - but if Ottawa just keeps rolling over and accepting any retard with a few million bucks as their owner … and thats exactly what is happening now … then it sure explains history.


Who is being stupid?
If this guy wants to buy the team then more power to him. He can call them anything he wants and dress them in purple with yellow polka dots. Having a team is what counts not the colours they wear!

In McNall's case , he was just a glorified con man, and he did time for it. Actually Statik, that was pretty lucid post, I am :shock: ed by it.

cuz it is stupid, they have a good logo right now, and why chage EVERYTHING about the team, when IMO, only the colors were a problem, and everyone wants the helmets with the R's back for history and favoitritsium.