Renegades to FOLD before '06 SEASON?*********

StatiK76, are you brain damaged ? What is wrong with you? You have no concept of how the league runs.

Yes. I am "Brain damaged" .. How about someone from Ottawa to explain to me "the concept of how to run a football organization / league" ... Since the fans of Ottawa have done such a bang up job so far .. I'd love for you to tell me. Please .. do tell ...


I hate to say it, but the CFL should leave Ottawa as soon as this season is over. It is going to get ugly, as the league is going to have to renegotate a ton of contracts to comply with the budet they will have after the Gliebs decided to overpay everyone.
Ottawa has lost faith in the CFL. Finish this season, then move. I am sure David Braley (the owner of the lions, and the guy that found the buyer for the now happy Ti Cats) has at least one more trick up his hat to help out the league.
Ottawa is a political city. The MP's can't even find the time to make it work, let alone a football game :lol:

There is enough blame to go around. Now, the main focus is how to clean up this mess. It appears obvious the Gleiberguys have to go. Having said that, AGAIN why isn't the Ottawa community stepping up with a local owner(s)?? Without getting into history, even during the good old days, local quality ownership was lacking. This may very well be the last time for football in the capital.

I have to question the smarts that Tom Wright has or whoever made the decision to let the Goobs back in the minute they saw Lonie as the team president. I mean, if this wasn't a signal things were going to go wrong, then I don't know what is.

…I somewhat disagree…if the Ottawa fans had shown up in droves last year thent he question of a financial loss this year would be moot, making it much easier for Bernie to continue with the venture…fan apathy is a contributing factor to this issue…

Seems like the old goneby days of excellent ownership in pro sports just falling in leagues laps at a moment notice is gone. I mean look at Major League Baseball. I still don’t think they have found any owners for the Washington Nationals or Senators, have they? It seems to me that the league is still running that team.

you got it right …REDand…even with all of the incentives the clown owners gave…(very reasonable ticket deals)…the fan support just wasn’t there…I guess if you want to look at failure…you have to look at ALL contributing factors…Fan support is ESSENTIAL…if they see a good product on the field…which wasn’t all that bad last year…the fans SHOULD have showed up…I guess Paopao and crew are breathing a sigh of relief that things went the way they did…(their re-hiring by another team) but sad to see what is transpiring here…The LEAGUE office better be doing their home-work on the next move for this team…this is FRUSTRATING… :roll:

I agree with that assessment too red. In 1996 when the Rough Riders folded the attendance was averaged at 16,847 and last year they were at 18,489, 5000 fans less than any other stadium even with $99 season tickets. I know the team didn't have the greatest season but those attendance figures are terrible.

You put Bob Young in the Goobs place and if he did exactly what he did here in Hamilton, the same would have happenned in Ottawa, I believe this without a doubt at all. You have to remember it wasn't that many years back we were only getting 10,000-15,000 per game.

[quote="StatiK76"]The only way I can blame the CFL for this situation .. is they should have never let Ottawa back in the league.

I wish it could work there ... But the typical Ottawa response is to blame someone else ... how can you blame the league for your shid attendance?

Just wondering how many sellouts Winnipeg had last year, in that gigantic stadium they have there. Any idea?

I sense a real hatred for Ottawa and its fans from other CFL fans. Is it because we have everybody else's political garbage?

Uhm .. Couldn't tell you how many were sellouts .... I can tell you with certainty however that none of the home games had an attendance of 17,000. In fact - our last game of the season, quite meaningless vs calgary, since our playoff hopes were already done ... Had about 24,000 ... I think thats fabulous.

Considering the Bombers are in great financial health .. and have been making money for the last 4-5 seasons ... despite their record ... and the GreyCup this year will no doubt bring in more money ... and we've eliminated our debt entirely, and are officially in the black ... I don't see your point ...


No… I think it has more to do with the general whiny nature of the Ottawa “fans”, and their knee-jerk reaction to blame everyone but themselves for their consistant franchise issues … and their ridiculous arguments to not support their own team because they don’t win enough - and somehow justify it in their own minds!


I don't think any hatred Ottawa, just frustration maybe. We all want the Gades to work in Ottawa and are frustrated with how things are appearing to work out, especially with the great job that was done at the Grey Cup there in 2004. I don't understand it, they should have never let the Gliebs back in, dammmm it whoever was responsible for this!!


Whoa, 24,000??? Maybe Winnipeg should apply for an NFL team.

My point? People like you dont know all the facts, dont know all the history, dont know the endless list of things that have contibuted to the decline of football in Ottawa over the past 30 years that have absolutely nothing to do with a lack of fan support. You just come on here and bash the city's fans. Verrrrrrry constructive. hatred whatsoever ORR, why would any of us hate a fellow fan?........your statement that I quoted was, IMO, not true......but this doesn't equate to hatred.....c'mon, the self-pity thing doesn't behoove you......

Not sure Statik you can say whiny. The Senators almost moved there. I don't know, what I am maybe prepared to say is that Ottawa fans mabye need a bit more stroking than the rest of us, a bit more TLC perhaps. Maybe there is a bit of a different personality, if you will, with Ottawa in general compared with the rest of the country? But again, to be fair, you put Bob Young there and I think we wouldn't be having this discussion right now. As I say, the Cats, and the Argos, just about folded.
Maybe frustration at someone with pockets in Ottawa not coming to front of pack and leading. That I am frustrated with.

....then explain it here SR2121.......we're all eyes.......

The Goobermen did nothing during the off season. No promotions, advertising, they cut their office staff from 27 to 12. They have no-one attending the telephone, no-one taking new season ticker requests, they have not signed any canadians,(they only have 21 at this time). Lonie had a general lack of respect for the fans. He was also running the team as a seasonal venture. And now Bernie does not want to garantee Tillman's contract. Before you know it Goober will be gone. Just like he did in Shreveport. This is why there are problems in Ottawa. It has nothing to do with the fans. Get decent owners.