Renegades sign K. Hebert to 5 year $1 Million contract

Kyrese (spelling?) Hebert has set the bar higher for other D. players in the League by signing a 5 yr., $200,000/yr contract with our Renegades. Part of the deal is that he will have to live in Ottawa all year round. Just like the old days. Finally the Gliebermen have got it right. Things are looking up.

Now let's look at beefing up the O. line.

Wow ... huge numbers for a linebacker! Great news for Renegades fans, that's a good player they've locked up. I think it's "Kyries" but I could be wrong ...

i like what the gliebs are doing. well at least the way they are locking good players to long term contracts. consistency is huge for success.

"consistency is huge for success."


Am I not the only person who sees the danger in this? He got a guarenteed contract, now if I was any other free agent on the market this offseason like Ranek, Tucker, etc I would ONLY sign if I had a guarenteed contract too. How can they give Hebert one and no one else in the leauge? This could have some seriously bad effects on the CFL. Ottawa is going down, they're a sinking ship and everyone can see it. By giving Hebert 1 million is a crock. How in the blue hell are they going to pay for that? They won't be able to. It'll be the other 8 teams in the leauge that will have to pay to keep them afloat. I'm telling you the Renegades are starting to bring this league down with them. The NBA tried the whole gaurenteed contract thing, just ask them how well it worked out...

I am sick of the Ottawa Renegades and their rich owners who hog all the top talent in the league with their big spending. This whole thing makes me sick!

I wish my poor old community-owned Eskimos had rich owners like that.

Then things would be different!

I hope you’re being sarcastic

Jeremy I think you are wrong. Guaranteeing one or two years for a player that is entering the prime of his career isnt a bad thing. NBA players, and NHL players have the same security. ONLY the NFL doesnt guarantee contracts. The Gliebs also said they would be taking out insurance on his contract so that if he gets hurt or is cut then it will be the insurance company not the Gliebs that pay his salary. This just puts the CFL on par with most other pro leagues, it doesnt make them the exception. The NFL players make up for the lack of guarantees with huge signing bonuses. The Gliebs are making a statement to the fans and to the other teams free agents that they are serious about having a winner. Winning makes people buy tickets and thus profitable(see Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary, BC). It will take a couple years but the Gliebs will eventually make a profit just like David Braley in BC. As for the Renegades having to be supported by the rest of the league that comment is just plain wrongggggggggggggggg. Go Gades

...I hope Edm. ...goes after every fa. that Ottawa wants ...and blows them to hell out of the water....we'll see where this is going to end...and it ain't gonna be pretty for the league....franchise for-sale signs are going to be springing up...what a side-show in Ottawa....and somebody said it previously....the rest of the teams will be picking up the tab for this little endeavour once the Gliebs. better start looking at the salary cap in earnest Mr. Wright or this will turn into a three team league....after it has become a three ring circus... :shock:

Why is everyone dumping on Ottawa here??? Let's remember who bought the Grey Cup this year with an alleged team salary of over 5 million dollars.... Ray and Maas combined had a total salary of 600,000 in one year!! So why is it bad that Ottawa signed a great player for 200,000 per year?? Eskimo fans have no right in being upset over this.....

that is no fair ottawa is trying to buy the cup, boohoo , wahhhhhh, i'm so jealous and mad at, only kidding.....


...I don;t think it's just Esks. fans that are upset....and I didn't like they're little loan/trade deal either or the fat salaries.. so.the commissioner better start laying down some hard -fast rules with regard to the salary cap and this latest contract in the Cap.....or it will end up in a salary escalation a lot of teams in this league cannot it will be survival of the richest...and goodbye for some...granted you pay to keep a better player...but paying a one-year guy those kinds of bucks.( great for Kyrie) setting the bar too high...and we all know what happened to the league the last time this happened... :!:

Your joking right?
You're say that signing a player to such a salary is wrong so your hoping Edm out bids Ottawa and pays them more?

Do I understand you right?

...well if the game is gonna be played that way....let's all get out all of our cash...skys the limit... and see who goes broke first....I'm being a little facetious with my comment about the Esks....but I'm SURE YOU CAN SEE WHERE ALL OF THIS IS HEADING...what is your opinion rolo13

Well like someone pointed out Edm paid 600k for 2 QB's but I think its more because RR was getting 450$
The point is that fans don't want to go out and see their teams lose and in order to win you have to pay the bucks to keep the players you need.

The expos were a perfect example of the catch 22 that is pro sports..
The fans became upset and stopped coming to games because they would trade away quality players because they had no money to pay the top salaries because the fans stopped coming to games because they traded away their players..........

The owners have to bite the bullet and dish out the bucks for quality players and the fans will come back.

Yes ro, correct you stand..happens in alot of small market franchises..
The old saying is,we have to remain responsible to our shareholders..or city ..
Oh look we didn't finish in the red...but we were dead last ...
Can't wait till next year... I am saying is you should always watch the bottom can't spend money you don't have....Wpg. just about went under a few years back because of the financial situation....ro1313 is correct in that you have to spend to put a good product on the have to spend within reason...and heh I'm not a conservative guy when it comes to putting out the just have to be careful and realize a return on what your putting out....if the guy fills the stands for you ....the Kyrie Hebert contract will have been a good one....but you better fill the stands in Ottawa....and right now that looks 'iffy' :?:

The Bomber’s spent with in reason last year, but if they spent 250 thou more…
They would of had a more consistent defense…meaning more 2pt games…
Bigger crowds are sure to be expected, creating more cash flow.

...well hank ...they certainly should have spent more to retain the services of Brian Clark....and a guy by the name of Arland Bruce 111.....when I saw these guys go because of cash decisions....I thought what the hell are Taman and the boys thinking.....that was spending that should have definitely been for future guys....we got to go after Barrin Simpson.....if the money is there we might have to go with a Kyries 'type contract'....and then maybe we will have started down a slippery slope....but I think the gloves got to come off as far as going after free agents....and having done that ...we will have to re-sign our own fa. I hope we have that much cash in the rainy-day fund... :roll: