Renegades sign 2 time Grey Cup Champion.

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"We are very pleased to have Sandy Annunziata on board with the 2006 Ottawa Renegades (because) Sandy has a long history of team leadership within the CFL," Renegade general manager Forrest Gregg told the Sun yesterday.

Considering the front-office turmoil, many players would have begun to sweat bullets without a signed and delivered contract, but Annunziata didn't seem too concerned.


"They are having some front-office challenges right now as far as personnel and meeting deadlines," he said yesterday morning, just hours before Ottawa officials revealed they had received the signed contract and welcomed him to the club.

"It is just a situation where you have to kind of be patient with the people they have operating the business side of things."

The Renegades are waiting to receive a signed contract from an unidentified player before formally announcing Annunziata's signing with five other players, possibly later this week.

But there's no hiding how happy Gregg is.

"We expect that (Annunziata) will be instrumental in being a role model not only in our offensive line unit but within the entire team," continued Gregg.

A 10-year CFL veteran, Annunziata has won back-to-back Grey Cup championships (Toronto 2004, Edmonton 2005) and will likely carry major responsibility in the trench this year with the departure of veteran linemen George Hudson and Pascal Cheron to Hamilton.

LATE HITS: It appears the B.C. Lions have been able to retain their best offensive lineman, Bobby Singh. The two sides were reportedly $50,000 apart on a new contract, but that number shrank to being a $5,000 difference last weekend. It's a three-year contract, plus an option for 2009, for the 30-year-old non-import.

FINISH LINES: The Saskatchewan Roughriders have been able to convince young Canadian receiver Jason French to return.

Giving a 4-yr deal to a 36-yr old OL who's undergone major knee surgery seems pretty risky to me. Annunziata's experience should help the Gades, who have lost a lot of their O-line so far this offseason.

4 years... 2 years... 10 years...

What good will that contract be when the team is gone?...


I'm glad the Renegades have finally signed a new player that can potentially help the team on the field. Whether he will be able to adequately fill in any of the holes the Ticats have punched in the Gades' O-line remains to be seen.

And Singh staying in B.C.: does that mean the Lions are content to stick with the line that gave up all those sacks last year?

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Most people don't visit the teams sections except for that of their teams. It is okay to post every CFL related topic in the main forum, especially during the offseason, where topics aren't coming as fast as it is during summer.

every little bit to get people to go to games is good and helps the gades.

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