Renegades should look into picking Casey Printers

I thikn he would be a nice fit to the renegades and would certainly help them, It would be awesome to see him staring QB next season for the Gades, what do yall think?

You want to know which team could see a grey cup if they had Casey Printers? The old green and white. I'm surprised none of their backers have been on here talking about the possibility yet. Or maybe they're just too happy with Crandell to care.

I would love to see Printers in the green and white. Realistically, though, we don't have the cash to make it happen.

Not true. we had the cash to give to Burris. he just turned it down. I want him, sure I do. But not for anything huge. I would rather sign him in the offseason then bring him here now. He would do nothing but hurt our team if You bring a QB in this late in the season, who doesn’t know the playbook or scheme, who is injured, and who has a big ego. Talk about a locker romm nightmare. Roy and Danny aren’t that stupid.

.....yeah, soupman's right, unless there is a catasrophic injury wave in Riderville in the next couple of weeks you're going to the Prom with the date that's on your arm right now, not the hot looking one over there......

I think it would be a good idea for either hamilton, or ottawa to sign printers seeing as they both have inconsistent and as of late pretty disappointing qbs.

Wow. I love the image... because, really, who would like to go to the Prom with Ted White !