Renegades serious bidders narrowed down to 2

Book the funeral for Wednesday!

Well according to the Globe, neither Asper or Urban appear to be the two current serious bidders. I do like the part of a $10M bond which will seperated the pretenders to the serious.

Potential owners size up Renegades franchise

OTTAWA -- The Canadian Football League has two suitors who will spend this weekend pouring over documents and financial information, trying to determine if they want to operate the Ottawa Renegades in 2006.

Though the league has had a variety of inquiries from both sides of the border since the team went up for sale on March 19, it's believed there are two potential buyers.

One group is based in southern Ontario and has business interests in the Ottawa area. The other is a western Canadian figure, possibly from Edmonton. (It is not, however, Calgary millionaire Bruce Urban. The owner of Edmonton's National Lacrosse League franchise has yet to contact CFL officials despite receiving publicity this week about his interest in the Renegades.)

CFL chief operating officer Michael Copeland was in Edmonton on league business yesterday, presumably pertaining to the Renegades' situation.

The league is requesting any buyer post a $10-million bond to cover anticipated operating losses over a three-year period. To this point, the league has not indicated any willingness to help underwrite losses for a new owner in 2006.

It's expected that if either group wants to go forward for 2006, it will have to determine so by early next week at the latest. Beyond that, the plan would be to suspend the Ottawa franchise and relaunch for 2007.

That, however, may complicate the ownership transfer issue. If a deal can be struck to save Ottawa's 2006 season, 'Gades majority owner Bernie Glieberman has indicated he would pay back roughly $850,000 in season-ticket money and hand the franchise and its equipment over for $1. In exchange, he wants a new owner to honour the existing coaches' contracts.

However, if the Renegades are mothballed until 2007, Glieberman may be less willing to give the team away if he is left to repay the season-ticket holders as well as pay out the coaching staff.

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good read, argotom.

DG are we in the minority here thinking that the Gades will be saved and on the field in 06?
Anyone else of the same opinion?

i think they will be playing this year....the more news i hear, the more i believe.

....but im interested in that group who wants to move them to QC.....but im afraid we'll never know the details on that one.

Agree. Can any of our French Canadian friends from QC tell us if there is anything stirring in the media, be it radio or newspaper regarding same? One would think where there is smoke there is fire.
At the same token, what about the other groups rumoured to want to move the team anywhere from Windsor, Moncton and was London mentioned?

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Six other groups are vying for the franchise. There's another bid from Calgary, two more believed to be coming from this province, another from a group of investors in Florida with Canadian roots, and interest from Quebec City.

The Quebec bid wants to move the franchise there

see, this is where i'd like to know the they have something worked out to play at PEPS?...and would they suspend the season to start in QC for the '07 season, cuz i would think its too late to move the team intime for the '06 season.


The only person I can recall as having previously advertised his interest is former Nords owner, Marcel Aubut.
We have no idea what he is thought of in the community especially since "he sold out the Nords". It may be mud for all we know.
As for PEPS, how long would it take to slap up 10,000-15,000 temporary seats for the year. Like we have said, there is still almost two months left. Not as tremendous amount of time, but still enough.

the gades first home game isnt until july theres still abit of time, if they are to make a sale and try to sell season tickets in ottawa.

but i think 2 months isnt enough time to move to QC, plus sell tickets.....a move to QC would require a season off, IMO....unless the unpublished details of the offer say otherwise?

You are probably right. That's why we all hope the new owner and sale can be completed in 1-2 weeks maximum. Which gives the team still alot on time to sell tickets and especially as being in the public eye etc.
With the new and committed owner, the pro management team of Eric Tillman as GM, Bob Nicholson as Pres, Mark Kosmos as VP in charge of corporate sales, this can turn into a boom in Ottawa.
Not putting the cart before the horse, once we settle away the Gades and it becomes a strong operation, back to expansion talk.
I believe the Commonwealth decision is due in 07 and why not also involve QC especially in light of a potential owner. What about these other potential calls, surely some may want to develop an expansion city to include stadium etc. Windsor has all kinds of potential, but of course without the Gleiberguys.

not windsor, but the league should continue to talk to this QC buyer about starting an expansion team in QC, if his plan is good enough and he is serious...have 10 teams by 2007, plus the option of expanding to Halifax by 2009 ( the CG desicion is november '07 ) 11 team league coast-to-coast would bank alot of TV and sponsorship money for the league.

Yes we do need another team and sooner then the snails pace situation in Halifax.
Although there are alot of ifs, once QC and Halifax comes aboard there has to be a 12th team somewhere out west. Saskatoon or the BC interior.

i wouldnt mind 11teams coast-2-coast for 6 years, maybe....wouldnt be a rush for 12.....5 team west and 6 team east is respectable....and u know the tv ratings would be alot higher.

last year the CFL was getting around a 475 000 average....halifax team would draw atleast 70 000 from the maritime provinces, and a QC team would draw 40 000 the new CFL average rating would be atleast 585 000, IMO.

Oh, I agree 100% with no fan support, no team. What I don't understand is where you take your no support argument. Despite everything that has happened, the Renegades still averaged 18,500 fans per game last year. That's a lot more than Hamilton did before Bob Young bought the team. Why can Hamilton turn it around and not Ottawa? A commited owner in Ottawa and the fans will flock back after a couple years, guaranteed.

The fans in Hamilton came out right away: to the 2004 pre-season game, and building from there. While no one expects the overnight turnaround Hamilton had to repeat itself in Ottawa, there has to be some immediate show of support for the new owners. "After a couple of years" would likely be too late.

What I mean is that they shouldn't expect to go from 18,500 to 24,000 within a year. Not after all that happened. Averaging about 21,000 to 22,000 in 2006 would be a good step. Then in the next off season, the team shows it means business, is active on the free agent market and more fans will take notice and you could easily get 24 to 25,000 in 2007.

I agree…it will take time to properly market the team, and it may be too late to do this well enough to get a significant increase for 2006. They need to see some increase, though, to show that the market is at least there and willing to support them.

A couple more years at 18,500 would be the last couple of years in Ottawa.

as long as ottawa's attendance for thier last home game is higher than it was for thier first home game, then we've seen progress.

say first game was 16K and last game was 20K, then thats good heading into '07....start '07 with 22K and finish with 25K.

...It's you market this my opinion the disconnect with the former Ottawa Roughriders hurt this club...I know you don;t live in the past ...but I know some fans are still kicking around from the old days.. the team that was remembered with Russ Jackson ...Ronnie Stewart and the like....Why the new Rens. franchise did not go over that great...could be a meriad of reasons...but to not identify with the old team was a mistake..Fans were begging to have the stats. from the old Ottawa team included with the never happened. look at all the other clubs who are steeped in history...(except for the little blip in Montreal...but they have returned) and the loyal fans they enjoy...Creating an identity for this club ...should it survive paramount...then you can market it properly .. a new owner has lots of work to do...just my thoughts.. :!:

100% accurate. To recognize the old Rough Riders as part of the Renegades' history is crucial to the club's image in the community.