Renegades serious bidders narrowed down to 2


Sources have told Sportsnet there are two groups seriously looking at buying the Ottawa Renegades.

This includes one group headed by David Asper, whose family controls the Canwest newspaper chain as well as the Global television network. Asper is said to have already met with Tom Wright earlier in the week to express his potential interest.

The other interested party is said to be a Toronto group brought to the table by the owners of Toronto Argonauts Howard Sokoloski and David Cynamon.

Another longshot candidate is said to be Bruce Urban of Airdrie Alberta who also owns the Edmonton Rush lacrosse team.

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id go with howard sokoloski and David cynamon there closer to ottawa and probly good buisness men

They are not the ones interested in the team. Sokoloski and Cynamon are the owners of the Argos, and they are the ones who found a (yet unnamed) group who are interested in the Gades.

I find the Asper interest to be... interesting.

I remember reading an article about one of the Asper brothers throwing a huge fit of anger about the performance of the Bombers last year. So enraged was this Asper that he had to be removed from the board room or building. He then apologized and resigned from the team.

Thats passion folks. Thats someone who give a sh**. Thats someone who WANTS to succeed. CanWest Global is very influential and this family joining the CFL family could be a very big plus.

On top of that, CWG owns the NFL rights in Canada. If they ever lost these rights, they could potentially go for the CFL and contribute a handsome television deal.

I seem to remember some one saying they were interest last time around aswell, but they wanted the schedual changed(double header on saturday) so the elague went with TSN & CBC

While that may be passion and someone who give's a crap about the result on the field, It's also someone who doesn't give a crap if he gives the organization a black eye and the Renegades have had enough black eyes to last them a lifetime.


I'm just glad to know there are two SERIOUS buyers. I might get to use my season tickets afterall. :slight_smile:

The fact there are still two groups out of the three previously mentioned and are still serious to purchase, although the Argo connection is not identified, is good to hear. But, the wealthy Asper family possibility with ownership of Global TV, think of the possibilities, is very intrguing.

Rob, if the Aspers are so emotional with the Bombers and if they want to buy a team, why wouldn't they buy the now community-owned Blue Bombers. It would seems to be a lesser risk financially speaking...


QUOTE:Unfortunately this is very bad news.

If we (as a league) cannot protect the privacy of people and organizations who are simply inquiring about the possibility of buying the Renegades, think what sort of impression that leaves with these prospective partners of ours.

This is the kind of league “news leak” that has damaged the league materially time and again. It is sad to see it continue and now possibly scare off prospective buyers. Sigh.

I have to agree with Bob. Now, the Aspers may get flooded with phone calls and just give up their interest in the team...

Apparently, Asper is denying the reports of his interest.

...David Asper is passionate about the CFL... ex..he stormed into the dressing room and ripped a strip off of Daley and co. last year because of the on-field performance of the Bombers.. Was he right or wrong for taking that action debatable...but you sure can't deny his love for the league and especially the Blue and Gold. His family have injected funds into the Wpg. franchise in the past ...when it was sorely needed.....He has expressed interest in the Rens. as far as dedication to the CFL. goes...that can't be questioned...The Asper family certainly have the wealth to operate the Ottawa franchise...BUT ..something has soured David on the purchase...One must remember that the Aspers are successful businessmen first...and that maybe they sensed the Ottawa franchise just won't work for them at present...I wouldn't count them as being out of the picture just yet though..there still maybe behind the scene discussions going on... :roll:

Hey Urban you out there oh ya thats right! Ottawa fans do not want you. Disperal Draft soon stay tuned.

Asper is a billionaire…he could buy all the teams in the league if he really wanted…but why should he…he has bailed the Bombers out before and knows the economics of it…one cash drain is probably enough for him…

No one said we don't WANT him. But Ottawa fans (like every fans in the CFL, I'm sure) don't appreciate being threatened. Take everything about the so-called Urban interest (which I still believe to be simply a spotlight grabbing, but that's beside the point) and remove the threats, and that's great. Why can't you understand that part?

ottawa doesnt have thier home opener until july 1st…so if they can sort out this ownership mess in a week or two, they still have over 2 months to sell some season tickets…so theres one positive.

"The other interested party is said to be a Toronto group brought to the table by the owners of Toronto Argonauts Howard Sokoloski and David Cynamon."

They are my pick to me the owners of Ottawa

Asper will owner the Bombers and the resurrected Jets one day, hopfully in 2007.

No one here "knows" many prospective buyers there are or who they are.

Media leaks names, tire-kicker like Urban get some free publicity.

But events over the last few days has helped take "death watch" mentaility away from Gades.

What part of no fan support no team do you not understand?