Renegades sell 474 tickets during big drive

From what I hear on the team 1200, they were expecting over 1,000. Looks like fans are expressing their disappointment/disapproval of Lonie.

ya, and the fans will be the reason this team folds, not the ownership. in the 4 years they have been back, they have yet to have a sell out.

They actually only sold 237 new renewals. The 474 is the number of tickets divided by 2 and it won't be because of the fans if this team folds. It will be because of incompetent management.

The fans are responsible??? Wow, that’s a new one. The fans are the ones that have to be won over by credible, respectible management. Hasn’t happened with the Gliebs and they’ve turned off families who would like to attend but will not because of shameful, lewd, low-class promotions. People vote against management with their money, and they are showing this loud and clear.

so explain to me where the fans were when Watters was running the show? Everyone knows about the inflated attendance numbers when he was here.

Regardless of who's responsible ... that's a scray number.

I was one of those 237. This team needs some big signings. Lonie, Gregg and the boys have to be agressive at signing talent. I'm really disappointed that they haven't resigned Joseph and Ranek. If they could resign the free agents, they could pitch the season ticket sale again in the Spring.

Actually Gades is right it is up to the fans. Yes, you have an idiot owner and yes you have idiots running the team. By staying away will that fix the problem. NO. As a Stampeder fan we know exactly what the Gades fan is going through. Do I support these guys or not. Well the fact is if you want change the only way you can get it is by supporting the team that right support. We waited out F troop and I can tell you the Gliebs and the Feteriks are no different. If the Ottawa fans love football support the team not the management. Yes complain to the media about the owenrs and the management team but keep up wit the team. Eventually as long as there is fan support a local owner will step forward and get the team away from these clowns. But if you walk away from the team it sends a message that it is the fans that do not want CFL football. So Gades is very right! Good on you Gades!

I wouldn't go as far as to say that Gades is right. There is no potential local owner. Maybe it's the CFL that's not serious about football in Ottawa. So how does ownership get the message if people keep buying a sub-standard product ? I am a big fan of the Renegades and I hate to be negative, but tell me how else are the Gleibermans going to get the message ? :?:

Whoa whoa whoa. How do you expect fans to get a change of ownership??? Lonie has stated that he found that his promotion of girls taking their tops off were bringing in fans and he wanted to keep it going. So, how is he basing his approval rating? By fans filling the seats. Harold Ballard is a perfect example, as long as the fans showed up, he didn’t care. Same thing here. Vote with your wallet folks, teach these people a good lesson that they won’t be back in the CFL. We don’t need them, and don’t want them.

Wrong the gades do not have any more lives available to them. Fans walk and so does that team. It is like a business if it draws there will always be someone trying to buy. But if you get no one going to the games that is the end. Sure you pay Lonie back but you also lose. If you remember the Stamps had the same problem for 4 crappy years. The fans in Calgary support the team not the ownership. Finally an ownership group was formed and got rid of the stupidity. And as you can see it was a success.

Walking away kills the team forever.

The best way is to keep complaining about the ownership in talk shows, the media and even to the league. Eventually business people may come together to take this from the Gleibs. Right now this will not happen becasue any potential buyers are staying away because the empty seats. So really it is the fans chocie have a team support it or walk away and lose it for good.

Lonie does not listen to on-line shows. There are plenty of complaints about him. If the bottom line is that there are not any other people willing to own the team, I'd rather not have the team be an embarrassment. The people in this area know that the seats are empty because of ownership problems and putting a poor quality football team on the field. Vote with your feet people, then they'll listen.