Renegades Season Ticket Money

Did anyone receive their money back yet? I heard they have not even started yet when they should be half way through the refunds at this point. :roll:

No, all refunds have been going out as scheduled according to alphabetical sort as first published.

Here's info from original press release.

Week # Date Name to Name

1 May 15 Abson to Braiter
2 May 22 Brazeau to Cottreau
3 May 29 Couture to Encon
4 June 5 Equity to Greene
5 June 12 Greenman to Hunt
6 June 19 Hunter to Kovaluk
7 June 26 Kowalski to Manconi
8 July 3 Manson to Mullin
9 July 10 Monro to Power
10 July 17 Pranke to Seally
11 July 24 Seed to Theriault
12 July 31 Thompson to Zastre

Should you not receive your refund cheque within 5 business days of the appropriate date indicated above, please contact Brooke McClelland at 613-231-5608 Ext 226.

Sobrien, is the original press release available online somewhere? Could you please post the link if it is. I had not heard anything about the return of our money yet. Thanks!

Well, what I posted above is the main part of the press release issued in May.

Refunds are going out by certified cheque and by registered mail. I know that much.

Go by your last name and the relevant dates. If you haven't rec'd it within a few days of that, give the office a call. There is still someone there to deal with inquiries.

As for press release being online --- I forgot where I found this but I'll look again.

Still waiting for my season ticket refund, according to the schedule I should have had it last week.

Anyone get their tickets refunded yet?

Doesn't sound promising does it? I think some good lesson(s) that should be learned here is the following:

  1. Never trust anyone with the surname Glieberman

  2. If the majority of people out there are saying or suggesting that the team is about to fold, believe it

  3. Don't spend your money when the organization isn't stable

Well I got my season ticket refund today!!! So I won't say anything nasty about the Gliebermans. They lost a lot of money here in Ottawa. I don't blame them I blame Wright and the CFL board.