Renegades search for new CEO

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Renegades minority owner Bill Smith met with Bob Nicholson at a restaurant in suburban Toronto yesterday to speak about the team and its CEO vacancy.

"It was a nice chat," said Smith. "We talked about what he was doing now and what his thoughts were about the Renegades."

Nicholson, the VP of finance with baseball's Washington Nationals and former president of the Toronto Argonauts, is the prime candidate to take over the business operations of the Renegades, vacated last week by Lonie Glieberman.

"Nothing was decided one way or the other," said Smith. "We talked generalities and about his background, and I spoke about my thoughts on what we needed to get done in Ottawa."

Landing Nicholson would be considered a coup for the Renegades, who are in dire need of a superior administrator on the business side.

Nicholson would also provide a good fit with Eric Tillman, who is being courted by Smith and majority owner Bernie Glieberman to take over the team's football operations.

Tillman and Nicholson worked together with the Argos and were part of a Grey Cup winner in 1997.

"We'll digest what we talked about and I'll be speaking to Bob again next week," said Smith. "No offer is on the table and no offer has been made, but we think he's a great candidate."

hope he signs on soon, and leaves the former Expos behind, they can take it.

This would be great news for the Gades! I hope it happens!!!

i hope so too...sounds like they are getting close to putting together a very professional front office....could turn around the whole franchise for the better.

For the sake of the team and credibility, signing Eric and Bob is a must.

if both those guys are signed, i think one or two seasons of being run properly and ottawa fans will forget all about the circus prior....and ottawa could be a contender by then...

I remember Bob Nicholson when he was with the Argos. In fact before that, he was with the Crap Jays in I believe also a president type position. Very classy and thorough executive. As for Tillman, his track record speaks for itself. We all agree this may be the last chance to save the franchise in Ottawa and it has to be done right by hiring these two.

Here is an article from the Globe. Supposedly Forrest Gump will stay. That could be a mistake even if it is in a symbolic manner.

Gregg's role with 'Gades uncertain

Ottawa Renegades majority owner Bernie Glieberman is expected to offer Eric Tillman a significant role in the club's football operations side when he talks to the former general manager this weekend.

While there's no guarantee Tillman will accept the offer, the current general manager of the Canadian Football League team, Forrest Gregg, says he's prepared to work with him.

"That wouldn't be a problem," Gregg said from his home in Colorado. "I work for Bernie and I told him at the beginning of this that I would help him in any sort of way I can and that's still true."

Gregg has worked for the Glieberman family in football and non-football capacities dating back to his days as head coach of the Shreveport Pirates in the mid-1990s. When Glieberman took control of the Renegades last spring, he immediately named Gregg general manager, a move that drew much criticism in Ottawa.

While Glieberman has been unclear about how Gregg and Tillman might share roles, it seems unlikely that Gregg will be shown the door.

"I talked to Bernie and he said to keep doing what I'm doing," Gregg said. "I don't know anything about what Eric might be doing or where he might be going. All I know is I asked Bernie what he wanted me to do and he said, 'Keep doing what you're doing. If anything changes, you'll be the first to know, you won't read it in the newspaper.' "

Should Glieberman hire Tillman, who has GM experience in three CFL cities, it would be a significant step in rebuilding the tarnished franchise. The club is then expected to hire a chief operating officer to run the business side, replacing Glieberman's son, Lonie, who resigned last week.

Bernie Glieberman and co-owner Bill Smith interviewed two candidates on Monday in Toronto. One is believed to be Steve Jones, who until recently was senior vice-president with Siemens Canada. Jones has been closely involved with the Toronto Argonauts and their Stop The Violence initiative, and has sports marketing experience.

The other candidate is Chris Overholt, a former vice-president of sales for Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and executive vice-president for business operations and chief marketing officer with the Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League

sounds like they are interviewing real good people for CEO...nicholson, and overholt would be my top 2 choices.

but i dont mind gregg stayin on...hes been involved in alot of scouting, just seems he doesnt talk well with if tillman and gregg can work together, but we never hear from gregg and tillman is the guy to talk with the media, that could be the best thing.

I suppose so, but it is the interference that we and I am sure Tillman is worried about.
As for Nicholson, hopefully he is more then interested.

perhaps, nicholson as CEO, tillman as GM, Gregg as US scout, and jenkins as coach.

OK. There was also talk how former Rough Rider Mark Kosmos would be involved on the corporate/business side. He is very successful in Ottawa with the chain of Local Heroes restaurants. I had a chance last year to speak to him. Very nice guy and would be an asset for corporate connection and sales.

but he says he doesnt want the job....i've read it numours times.

Maybe publically, but I asked him last year and he definitely said he wants to be involved with the team in some capacity. Which begs the question as to why Russ Jackson and Soupy Campbell(currently living in Toronto and also operating a restaurant) and some other former RR are not involved in some sort of a complimentary capacity.

They need a clear definition of the duties of each in order to avoid conflicts. You know there's going to be some overlap that's going to create a rift in the organization. But the fewer of these overlaps the better.

Too bad they didn't put this group of candidates together a year ago.

ok, I've just seen the Ottawa fold article, what's been happening with this Expos guy?

i dont know how bernie can be lookin for a CEO one day, then talk about folding the next...that can only scare away potential CEO candidates...

(more screams!)

what are these people thinking?

No wonder they're having trouble signing players: would you want to sign with a team that may or may not exist tomorrow?

And Sandy Annunziata just signed a 4-year deal with them...he's probably kicking himself now.

I don't think Annunziata got a lot of interest from other teams, so he might just be happy to end up somewhere not called retirement.