Renegades, Rough Riders, Or Other?

Apparently Horn Chen is selling back the rights to the name Rough Riders.

Being a traditionalist, I prefer the name Rough Riders.

.....I like Rough Riders too.....might help to get back disgruntled fans by washing away the Renegade years of mismanagement....

I think a new name and rid the franchise of the past! The past has not been nice to them!

We should start them on a winning tradition...

Eski Moes

The Moles! Great name you gotta like that one! :lol: The Eskie Moles!

Stick with the Renegades....sheeesh!!!! Why would you want to have two Roughrider teams in a 9 team league. Stupid .... stupid idea. Just keep the Renegade name!!

I think they should use Renegades, but I’d understand if they wanted to use a new name.

i agree! i to dont want to see, the same name with only 9 teams in the League :roll: doesnt make sense. That part of history is gone, lets keep it that way :wink:

I don't like the idea of changing it (from Riders) and then changing it back only a few of years later ... but there is the Rough Riders history, which is neat and might bring back some old fans.

However, you need to keep/get new fans too, and I don't think it would look good to a) change the name again and b) go back to having two rough( )riders in a 9-team league ...

so my vote is to keep Renegades ... and you can tie in the history by using my helmet idea! :smiley: (I wonder, since it's not a new franchise either - only suspended - if they "have" to use Renegades, short of spending money to change it back to Rough Riders)

the ottawa Fold..haha

keep gades, but make all three "teams" (Riders, Gades 1 and 2) one team under one history, R back on helmet, and Red and Gold unifroms.

I think the Rough Rider name should stay in the past. We have started a new tradition with the Renegades. If they can incorporate the R into the logo somehow, that would be good, or make it a 3rd uniform like Winnipeg has with those god awful uniforms. But i like the current logo.

For the most part, Ottawa's glory days ran from the mid 60's to the late 70's. It's not that great of a history. Going back to Rough Riders will only make it easier for those who make fun of the CFL.

The team should be called the Renegades.... having two teams called the Roughriders and Rough Riders is part of the reason the league was considered a joke by sportswriters and fans across N.A. for years.

Rough Riders. I don't care if some people think it's a joke, the Riders had a storied past and the people of Ottawa (and who should have more say, after all?) want that name by more than a two to one margin over all other names combined.

who should have more of a say?...try the fans of the other 8 teams who support their teams and don't want THIER league to look dumb for ottawa fans.

what if halifax wants to name thier team the halifax lions?...should that be allowed?....HEEEEELLL NO!!!

ottawa has given up on the rider name TWICE and have no right to steal it from its rightful owners....SASKATCHEWAN

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Saskatchewan are the rightful owners of the Roughriders name, but the last thing I want to see is Ottawa using the name again.

30 years ago, it was all good, now it’s crap, and I hate to do what the AHL is going right now again.

I say a new name.

Definately not Rough Riders, too much confusion with Sask.