Renegades Resurrection

After reading all the threads about the Renegades, I'm going to do a poll. Its a simple question, but really after reading of how they have been screwed by the CFL, the league's other fans, the Gliebs, Ottawa city council and Horn Chen, do you think that the fans deserve another shot having a CFL franchise? Or should the CFL should move forward without the 'Gades?

I voted no , the CFL should concentrate on making the 8 existing franchises healthy and viable.

Yes they should get it back.

Way too much history and tradition to let go of.

Unlike previous ventures, this time around they're making sure it's going to be done right. That's been stated for a while now, so patience is required.

No they should not..
They won't Support it
The City is Fickel when comes to Sports.
Right now hockey is king there till they lose.

Next Stop Halifax or Quebec City

I want a team back in Ottawa, but I'd like to see see it happen at the same time as expansion in another city like Quebec City or Halifax or Moncton.

If you compare the last few NFL expansions, Carolina and Jacksonville entered together and became competitive almost immediately because of their sibling rivalry. Cleveland and Houston entered by themselves and have basically been given a pass to be pathetic because they were the lone "expansion" squads in the league at their respective times.

If an Ottawa franchise comes in with an immediate peer, both teams will have to come out swinging to keep up.

Melnyk will get involved now that he has left Biovail, cleared up his troubles with the OSC and his Sens have won the Stanely Cup this year. Landsdowne will be redevelped into a world class stadium/commercial/residential sight and the RoughRiders (the real RoughRiders) will return to Ottawa better than ever!!!

yes, i'm, sure the green riders will return to ottawa a couple times a year to lay a lickin' on the renegades.

Frank Clair is going to take multi-Millions(like 20M) to get into Shape.

It seems like a better idea to Sell Frank Clair(its land mainly) for 30-40M
Take the 20-30M that would be go to fixing it up.

And put that combined 50-70M towards a new 100M Stadium.

With a new stadium with between 48 and 100 Luxury Boxes a Team in Ottawa should be able to survive.

I also fully agree the CFL needs two teams to come in for 2009.
So Halifax/Moncton or QC need a stadium ready for 2010, if Needed a team can play 100% on the road for 2009(yes it can be made to work, total team expenses would be around 6-7M, under 6M if Team Salary is league min(3M) and team sets up shop at Queen University)

50+ Boxes can earn atleast 750K in Revenue with only around 1000 people in them.(that's 1K people paying 75$ per person)
Any Large Canadian City(Winnipeg, Calgary, TO, Hamilton, Edmonton, Quebec City, Ottawa, Vancouver) atleast can support that many boxes for cheap.(1.5K per box per game)
Boxes can be used as the tickets needed to be given to players(in the CBA each player gets 2 tickets per game) so 3 boxes per team would cover that.(100 boxes, leaves 44 left that is if Box demand isn't at 50 boxes)

note Boxes are only listed at 1.5K per game as a low ball number, Winnipegs Demand would be higher then that, as would Edmonton and Calgary for sure. The numbers are lower then for BC place, which has over 50 Boxes total(including several Large ones that can be used for private Socials throughout the year)

BC place also charges more per game(1750$ for one game, 14K for a full Season + first rights to other events/playoffs)
Boxes also earn alot more cash concession wise(which does go alot to box upkeep/pay box staff)

Does anyone know the number of Boxes for Stadiums?
Canad Inns has - 2
Ivor Wynn - 14
BC place Around - 50(exact number anyone?)
Rogers center - 161 (Stadium funding had to hurt Argos profits)

McMahon - ??? (4-6?)
Commonwealth - ???
Taylor Field - ???
Molson - ??? (front row seats are like Boxes going for 100$+ as season tickets)
Frank Clair - ??? (4-10??)

Going to high in boxes can start to lower the amount they can charge,(supply goes up demand goes down) but all teams having atleast 40 boxes would be best.(40-60 ideal)

That’s a surprise that you would vote “No”. I wasn’t sure how you felt about Ottawa returning :wink:

Regardless, i don’t see it happening anytime soon.

The CFL is what it is…i just hope that all 8 franchises remain healthy. I wouldn’t want any fans to go through what we’ve been through(twice!)

I voted YES. Of course Ottawa should have their team back. If its done right I am sure the fans will support a team. I have a gut feeling that things are not as bad off they seem and I hope the next development we hear about will a positive one (fingers crossed).

I have two questions:

(1) Do the fans in Ottawa, (other than those on this board) Really, really want a team? (I know what the answer is on CFL.CA, what is the real answer?)

(2) Do the Civic politicians really want a Team in Ottawa?

Until both can answer with an enthusiastic yes, we'll be at an 8 team league for a while.

answer to number 1, is there are atleast 18K people in ottawa willing to pay to see a pretty crappy team....

so i wonder how many would pay to see a competitive team?

and 2...i dunno.

My take on these questions as someone who doesn't live in Ottawa:

  1. Yes, but it has to be done classy like in Hamilton with a classy type owner.

  2. Yes as long as they can make as much money from an owner as is possible and get them to probably go into building a new stadium somewhere.

So if the above answers are under the umbrella of 'enthusiasm', then something could possibly happen. That's a big 'if' though.

Okay, I admit I'm 3,000 + miles away from Ottawa,and have no real feeling of the mood in Ottawa, but, how much presure have those 18K fans put on City Council? How often have they phoned the radio talk shows?

Sorry if I sound synical.....but......

I know of a few people (including myself) who have contaced the mayor's office/city council. I'm sure the number is probably just shy of the 18000 mark however :wink:

One positive is that our Mayor wants to meet with Cohon and apparently they will be meeting sometime in the future

i think, no I know that if they were to bring football back to Ottawa, fans would support the team. People need to look at the fans that were attending the games when the Renegades first came back, once hte problems started on the front office regarding management it brought the team down and fans saw it coming. I supported the team to the end, attended every game, bought merchandise and promoted them in every way possible. I would do this again in a heartbeat if they were to bring back football. They, the CFL needs to ensure great ownership that would take this team seriously, unlike Lonie, and I am positive the seats would be full in no time.
I am a firm believer that someone like Jeff Hunt would be the perfect person to manage the team, backed by Frank D'angelo.

Obviously I voted no. The CFL does not need to expand right now. It just doesnt need to. Wait until the league is even stronger than it already is before expansion is even mentioned.

do you live in a city where you have a team, if yes then I see why you would vote no to an Ottawa team coming back. I really enjoyed going to the games with my kids and they especially the youngest loved it. There were many events where the fans could meet the players and my son truly loved this. After meeting Donnie Ruiz, he went to every game and on a lot of occasions we stayed aftee the ganme to meet him, being a football player himself, Donnie and other Renegades came out to their practices and this to them was ruly amazing. This is so why we need to bring a team back to Ottawa, its good for the kids the community and the city.....

I voted no. How many times does a team need to fail and fold before the league realizes it's a bad investment?

Doesn't sound to me (from what people here say) that ownership or stadium issues are the real issue...but whether Ottawa fans are fickle.

There are plenty of fickle fans here in the states and guess what??? their cities don't have a team (pick a sport). It simply comes down to a fan issue and all I hear is that the support is just not there.

as long as they arnt called the rough riders for pete sake. we dont need 2 teams with the same name