Renegades predictions:2005 East Divison Champs

that is how far i feel the gades will go i know they are in a tough divison but i think they will be a sleeper in this season. reason why is simple they Have Joseph,Ranek,Vaughn,Woodcock,Armstead,Cutolo,Murphy,Coleman,Haywood and Hebert. need i say more

I don’t know if i’d say Eastern Champs, but 2nd place may not be out of the question.

id say more like 3rd place, and thats pushing it.

i’d say 2 nd isn’t out of the Question, but it’ll be tought getting that from toronto

I think the Eskimo guy is right. 3rd place is what we should aim for and expect. The team has said they are aiming for the playoffs and considering they’ve never been there yet, I think that’s a good place to start. If we are healthy and in the playoffs come November, I’m happy. Whatever happens when we get there is gravy.

With the Arggh-os coming off a Grey Cup and Mtl not far from championship form (except for kicking which looks average at best), i think beating hamilton will be a challenge. Ottawa fans shouldn’t get their hopes too high only to get them dashed if there are injuries (which there will be) and close loses.

I’m still very scared about the kicking situation with a sight-challenged placekicker and a young inexperienced punter in his second year.

And despite coach P saying that shoring up the lines was a priority, Mtl made it through our O-line pretty easily last week. Even when the injured guys come back (Hudson, St-Germain) that leaves us a injury or 2 away from being up shit creek again, and paddling is a lot harder in the regular season when everyone is looking to kick you when you’re down.

I hope the team puts that quote about Ottawa being the “free spot on the bingo card” for motivation, because they need to be going at 100% from opening kickoff in Edm.

Barring Ray and Maas both being suddenly injured I doubt we get the win tomorrow.
If only they can keep it within a touchdown or so (so sales are better for the $100 season tix Saturday) - hope I’m wrong…

Yeah, I hope the season ticket sale goes well, although I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to buy one. I like the seats closer to the middle enough that I might opt to buy tickets in one of the good sections (on the south side, of course) when I go to the games, because I’m sure I won’t be able to make it to all of the games.