Renegades or Edmonton ?

Hey guys!
Its our first game tonight do you renegades fans think we can work those eskimos? I hope you guys all watch the game!

its been a good training camp

Good luck tommorow, my renegade friends, I picked Edmonton but in my heart, I hope you win! :wink:

I just hope they keep it close and make some big plays. Winning in Edm is going to be really hard. I am really worried about Parenteau against Joe Montford, who can make a lot of OTs look like turnstiles. I hope they give him some help out there. That and a basically all new secondary, although considering how they did last year, it has to be all new.

I think they’ll compete but it’s going to be tough. Last time an Ottawa team won at Commonwealth was in 1983, the year I joined the CF, 22 years ago!

i hope the eskies win, but ottawa is my second fav team so i don’t mind if we ties ro something… haha but ya i hope its a good game good luck cheers

Gades are going Down! im cheering for the gades in every game cept when they play the esks.

I want to see Ottawa succeed as well, but tonight they will get clobbered.

The Esks have bolstered their defense and they are out for blood this year.

I also expect Ed Hervey to have a big game :wink:

lol it’s funny all the Esks fans are Gades fans too, and ya same goes for me, Go Esks Go, but my second fav team are the gades too, so LOSE this one, but WIN all the others not versus the esks! I expect Jason Tucker to have a big game and the defence to really show up tonight! C’ya all at commonwealth!



I hope the Renegades show up and play a good game… our OLine is a little thin right now. I think we will cover the 11.5 point spread, but may not win.