Tom Wright indicated today that the league will not take over the operations of the Ottawa Renegades and will allow the team to cease operations if the ownership issue is not resolved in 2 weeks. The ownership group replied by reiterating their position that they will not invest another cent into this team. In the front office, the majority of calls received today have been from loyal current season ticket holders, what few of them are left, that have already paid for their tickets. I can save them the call – your screwed. Of the players I know and talk too, both their futures and paycheck are in serious doubt.
Glibermans, give me a break. Their interests are very suspicious. While the Ottawa public feels nothing less then contempt for these people, don’t think it does not cut both ways. They may have money, but that does not mean they are going to spend it here. I believe that should they take control of the team and I stress take control, they will put an ultimatum to Ottawa fans, which will fail miserably and then their true intentions will be indicated. Since day one of this franchise, ownership was never on the level. Watters and group had a three year plan to reap the profits of the Grey Cup and dump the team. It failed! What the Glibermans have in mind, we can only guess, but I can assure you that it is not in the best interest of football fans in this city. Those who are ignorant and want to believe get it in the ass every time.
The teams coffers have been bleed dry by Brad Watters approvingly under Lisowski and yes Joe Paopao. To save his own job, that gutless turdPaopao refused to speak up. On the field, the team is now uncompetitive – off a disaster. His reward is that he will be fired regardless. Paopao could have spoke up and maybe forced change early enough to save this organization, but being a coward he remained silent to save his job.
Time is running out!

Bad-gaited you are such a positive guy. If the league saved the Argonauts and the Tiger-Cats they will save the Renegades. And if it is not the case well I paid my season tickets with my Visa so I wouldn't be screwed if they went under... :wink:

Go to to Mr. Wright things will be alright

I have one positive comment on the Renegades...

I like their jerseys, that's about all I can say.

Take it easy knew it was going to be a rough off-season with this ownership situation. We've hit rock bottom, things can only go up from here.

Now the loss for the last three seasons is over $10 M. The Liberal Party has nothing on these guys. Sure, Lisowski is finally confessing what William Hung suspected that Brad Watters was papering the stands with free tickets to the masses while bars and sponsors could not sell their ticket packages, which they paid in full, at half of face value and season ticket holders who paid full price watched while a street full of scalpers were selling the seats right beside them for less than $10. All those bars are gone, even Mark Kosmos and Local Heroes who himself was Ottawa’s largest sponsor is walking away for that very reason. However, there is something deeper here. Lisowski is trying to justify the loss solely on the confession over fabricated attendance figures; I believe the corruption runs far deeper from massive executive salaries to kickbacks and so on. One thing is for sure, the players never saw any of it. What was the retention fee paid to Watter’s for his start-up marketing company? The whole rotten deck of cards is coming down.
By the way, who is holding kid Gliberman’s hand – the fossil Forrest Gump Gregg. Now that’s credibility. Considering the Gliberman’s stiffed the city the last time they were here, it should be very interesting how anxious the city is going to be to negotiate the lease on the stadium which expired in 2004.
Argos1, don’t be so comfortable with what Wright has said because he had to say it. His complacency has put the league in a very precarious position. But I will reiterate that the league will not take over the operations of this club. Most teams have made considerable investments in their teams over the off season and can’t afford to loss revenue to support Ottawa.
It has been nothing but lies from day one; that will not change with Bernie and Son.

I wasn't here for the last time the Gliebermans were here, but if they bankrolled Ottawa's last successful CFL season and lost money doing it, and they're still interested in doing it again, then they might be the Renegades best hope.

The situation here is very much like the Ticats in 2003. (Hopefully they don't go 1-17 too)

Hopefully the league doesn't have to take over, but if it's a choice between taking over and no Renegades, they have to take over. If the Renegades fold, it will mean the end of the upswing for the CFL, and they can forget about any other expansion or ever coming back to Ottawa. It will mean an 8 team league indefinitely, if even that could survive.

Anyway, it looks like the last 3 years have been a case of terrible management. I just hope that, like the Ticats owners from 1999-2003, that whoever is going to be running the show doesn't just complain about not enough fans showing up. The fans are there, just like they were in Hamilton.
Bob Young's biggest turnaround in that franchise was changing the organizations attitude from 'we can't get anyone to come to the game (because the fans suck)' to 'if the fans aren't coming we're not doing our jobs.'

If game day is fun and it's a cool thing to do, people will go whether the team wins or not.

There must be some credible professional business people out there with deep pockets to take over this team. The CFL needs a team in Ottawa but not with those idiot Gliebermans. Commish Wright must find some new credible owners like he did with Hamilton. The league is on the upswing, it does not need more bad news.

wrote something yesterday it didn't get posted??
Not sure what I did wrong.

The accountant for the Renegades opened the books on the expense side of the ledger but didn't reveal anything of their revenue. (Not that they have to) He says that they lost 10 million in the last 3 years. $2 million in 2004.

They spent 6.3 million on football expenditures - I'm not sure how that works out seeing they have a $3 miliion salary cap. It would mean they spent $3.3 million on coaches and travel?
Also, they spent $3.4 million on Administration and advertising again it seems a tad high maybe the owners were paying themselves big salaries?? It is not uncommon for a business to hand out big salaries to family and friends and then reap the benefits of claiming losses and particularily, bankruptcy.

But, putting that aside, and saying everything is on the up and up.

They have 10.5 million in expenditures for 2004 and sold an average of 16,300 paying fans which on a average ticket price of $50 this would result in a $2 million loss. He says an average attendance of 18,500 would brreak them even (an average ticket price of $56.75 would be required if there is no other revenue and expenses remain the same)

What I'm wondering is do the teams not receive TV revenue, concession stand money, sales on sports paraphenalia and avertising they do on the field or is all of this going to the CFL??

Excellent post gm1, when you do the math it is very obvious how badly Watters raped this city and its fans and players. No apology, in fact, no comment from the league which I hold responsible for allowing this situation to deteriate to this point. An absolute travesty; which a few of us have been warning of for a year. The league in its desperation to save this franchise is pushing the Gliberman’s back on beleaguered Ottawa football fans. Jesus Christ, FORREST GREGG! When he first entered the league, they weren’t even playing football, they were playing rugby. Listen punk, put your comic books down and pretend to do your due diligence. I’m not going to be fooled by your act. Already confronting skeptical fans on the radio by saying that those you don’t like him is their problem – IT IS GOING TO BE YOUR PROBLEM JACK ASS! Unless of course you do have another intention. If legitimate ownership can not be found let this team rest in peace. Ottawa does not deserve this nightmare scenario

I'm willing to let the Gleibermans have a shot, but I would certainly be more comfortable with someone like Bob Young. And yeah, Forest Gregg? How about a well-know face like Warren Moon?...Or someone who's played in the CFL and has a good connection with the league and strong business experience? If only I was a multimillionaire...

isn't there any millionaires that can help out other than the Gliebermans?

Bad-Gaited man you are a bitter person. I've done a tour of duty in the persian gulf and I'm not that bitter.

I don't think that you guys get it. Few people remember that when the Glieberman's owned the team, that was our best season in over 20 years. We've been season ticket owners for well over 20 years and when they owned they team, that was the most stable time for the franchise. They were railed by the CFL and by the city of Ottawa. When they had the team, we averaged over 24,000 fans and there was a buzz about the city. We can only be so lucky if they decide to purcahse the team.

Actually Bart, Forrest Greg also served over seas, back during WWI.

Give me a break Smyth! The Gliberman’s were the worst circus in sports at the time. Father Idiot Gliberman’s plans were never anything more than a dream that could never have sustained itself financially and the attendance figures were no more accurate back then, then the ones Watter’s published. Hell, I remember that time too and by the end of the Gliberman’s reign the North Stands looked as if they were condemned on game days.


This is a sad joke and I believe Bad-Gaited that the Gliberman’s have an alternative agenda. He has not been wrong yet. What gets me is both the leagues complacency and lack of vision; an example of desperation.

I know of a California Box king that will take the team but you have to let his son play QB. Now that is a circus.

According to the Ottawa Sun, The Ottawa Renegades has a market value of 4 cents. Hmmmm Bernie and his son Gilligan may be smarter than you think.

I was told by a friend working in the Front Office that during one afternoon, while waiting in the lobby Forrest fell asleep in his seat and some effort was required to wake him! It's become comical.

Welcome back to the parash young Hung.

I was told Forrest had recommended an entirely new coaching staff, unfortunely he had not realized that they had all passed away years ago!

Bad-Gaited, you gotta take a stress tab man! It sounds like you're working on the inside, so for the sake of CFL football in Ottawa, lets hear a few positive comments...The Mayor indicated there is another potential buyer in the wings. Who might that be? And as far as the competiveness of the team is concerned, they'll be better this year then last. I can feel it! I've been a CFL fan for thirty years now...and I know when to trust a feeling. I'll be there for the exhibition games next month, and I'll definately be there with friends for the season opener on July 1st. Who's with me?!