Renegades helmets

Hey what gives with the Renegades helmets? I thought every team had the CFL logo on one side and a Canadian flag on the other at the back of the helmet.

Just noticing that the 'gades have no Canadian flag, and FC on one side. What's the FC for?

BTW - They're sure getting their arses kicked around...

I just noticed that aswell, the eskimos have the canadian flag and logo, while the renegades have FC inside the shape of a football. Maybe FC is a brand name of the helmet or something but they atleast should have the logo.

They sure are getting slaughtered, last time I checked the eskies had 7 sacks with 13 minutes still left in the game. Their O-line better go back to the o'l drawing board.

FC stands for Frank Clair who passed away in the off season.