renegades GIVING away tickets....almost

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One-day sale on three Capital campuses gives Ottawa, Carleton and Algonquin students chance to see final three home games for only $25

OTTAWA – The Ottawa Renegades Football Club is extending a special offer to college and university students in the nation’s capital, giving them the option to see the final three home games of the season for only $25.

The offer will be made available in a one-day sale on the campuses of University of Ottawa, Carleton University (residence commons area) and Algonquin College (in the cafeteria) on Wednesday, Oct. 5 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The special price is only available for students attending the respective schools and a valid student ID is required to take advantage of the special promotion.

“An important part of our young fan base is the college and university crowd, and this is an affordable way for students to attend the final three games of our schedule,� said Lonie Glieberman, president of the Ottawa Renegades. “Now that they are back on campus and in the swing of the year, coming to Renegades games can be an enjoyable experience for them. It is important to point out that this offer is not applicable to anyone that is not a student.�

Ottawa returns to action on Thursday, September 22 for a Week 13 road affair against the Calgary Stampeders (10 p.m. Eastern time) at McMahon Stadium. The Renegades are back home on Friday, Oct. 7 when they host the Hamilton Tiger-Cats

WOW....what a great promo.
hopefully it starts a new fan-base at the colleges in ottawa...

they should put renegades banners around the school like the ti-cats do around hamilton colleges!

i wonder how this will affect the next renegade home-game attendance???


If I were in Ottawa, I'd take this opportunity! C'mon guys, CFL is great football! :smiley:

But then again, maybe the Ottawa should be worried, I know I am! :frowning:

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Sounds like a great idea to raise the attendance!

And is bound to be in better taste than the Mardi Gras (not that there's anything wrong with that) and Toga promos in the eyes of concerned, yet anal-retentive, municipal officials.

Well, at least they are listening to our advice and appealing to a younger addiouce, somewhat.

The NCAFA (National Capital Amateur Football Association) that my son's team is in is also offering reduced prices to it's members and parents for the Oct. 7 game vs. the Tabbies. I think we're getting our seats for about 13 bucks. Not bad.
Another good promo that the Rens have at the games is they pick a person from the North Side and one from the South Side, and they each get $100 for each 10 yards that they throw the ball.
At the last game they also picked 20 women from the crowd to go down at halftime onto the field , with the first lady tackling the mascot winning an all expenses paid trip for two to Chicago to see the Oprah show, plus a $5,000 shopping spree.
The same game they had to guys spinning around 10 times with the 1st person getting to the end zone winning a trip anywhere WestJet flies. Also at the same game they picked two women to kick small footballs for money.
There was also the Fandamonium pick.

So the Gades do have some great promos during the games. I came close to getting picked last game.
At least they are trying.

P.S. Half of the 50/50 draw goes to my son's League. They also donate money every game to the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club.

So kudos the the Gades organization after all.

pretty good idea

Calgary's doing it as well...


Calgary) - The Calgary Stampeder Football Club is extremely proud to announce the launch of Stampeder Horsepower 101, the Rogers College Zone. This is a designated section for all College students from Southern Alberta for each of the four remaining Calgary Stampeder home games – September 22nd, October 1st, October 14th and November 6th. Tickets are available for only $15 dollars and are subject to availability. In order to receive the discount College students must show their student identification card. Students also have the opportunity to win tons of great prizes while seated in this section.

“Calgary is a very young city, full of thousands of college students from all across the country. We want to give them the opportunity to experience an entertaining game of CFL Football,� stated Stampeder President Ted Hellard. “By having this Rogers College Zone, it allows them to do so at an affordable price and in the company of other young college students!�

Tickets are only $15 (tax included) and are available at the Stampeders Ticket Office, located on the east side of McMahon Stadium. Tickets are also available directly on campus at Mount Royal College (Copy Write) and at SAIT (Student Services Center MC107).

Man, those prices are nice. In Montreal, you can win white bread sandwiches, Molson Ex T-Shirts, rebates on Mikes pizzas... Let's say the sponsors get exposure at more than a fair cost.

Saskatchewan has had a University Section forever. It is the best place to sit. I can't believe that Mardi Gras, bare chested, wet T-shirt thing was actually allowed at FC Stadium. Why not just buy a ticket to watch football, and promote the players and the team rather than drunk women's breasts.

Yeah that wasn't the most brilliant move on Lonie's part. But he goes on record that they would have cancelled that promo anyway out of respect for Katrina victims.
At least the Gades are now selling of the remaining thousands of those beads with the proceeds going to Hurricane Katrina disaster relief.

Even , if those are low ticket empty seat makes you nothing.....people still need foof , drink, ....ect..........GREAT IDEA.

I do think that is a good idea to give proceeds to victims in New Orleans, something stupid turned into a good thing after all. New promotion ideas should be talked about by other Renegade personal. Sell the game of football, and the players. Without them there would be not team.