Renegades get Something Right!

Long-time CFLer becomes Ottawa's defensive coordinator

The Ottawa Renegades announced today that Rod Rust will be joining the team as its new defensive coordinator. Head coach John Jenkins and Rust will again team up reuniting the combination that worked under Cal Murphy at Winnipeg in the early 1990s.

Rust brings 44 years of coaching experience to the Ottawa Renegades and makes his fifth trip to the CFL after having served initially in 1973-75 as the defensive coordinator for Marv Levy's Montreal Allouettes. In 1994, Rust coached the defensive line as well as serving as Special Teams assistant coach for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He returned to coach the defence in Montreal from 1997 through 2001 and was additionally elevated to head coach in 2001. Rust returned to Winnipeg in 2004 coordinating the defence for the Blue Bombers.

"Rod Rust is a brilliant football coach, his passion and dedication to the game have been clearly displayed through his many successful years of service," said Jenkins. "He is an exceptional teacher of pro football defensive schemes and he will indeed elevate the performance of these Ottawa Renegade defensive players. He clearly understands the CFL and he is among the top defensive Coordinators in all of pro football. This is not merely my opinion but also the opinion of many others throughout the NFL and CFL. Obviously the fans of Ottawa should be very excited about coach Rust joining our program and directing the defensive unit here in the nation's capital."

"With our new defensive theme of 'Bringing Back Capital Punishment', I could not feel more confident in delegating to a defensive coach than that person being Coach Rod Rust as we lay this foundation here in Ottawa."

In addition to his CFL coaching Rod Rust has enjoyed many successful years in directing defences in the National Football League. Rust has had the responsibility of being defensive coordinator with six different NFL teams, additionally his versatile skills and dedication have been illustrated and defined in his roles with four other NFL programs as a defensive position coach, pro advance scout, quality control coach and a brief stint as a NFL head coach. He entered the NFL in 1976 with the Philadelphia Eagles and has also been associated with the Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers.

Rod Rust began his coaching career on the collegiate level at the University of New Mexico, he also coached college ball at North Texas State University and in the Pac-10 at Stanford University. Coach Rust received his college degree from Iowa State of the Big Eight Conference.

"I am delighted to be here and working again with John Jenkins," said Rust. "We have been friends and associates ever since working together in Winnipeg and I have the highest regard for his coaching abilities. I have always wanted to coach football in Ottawa and now this opportunity has come to fruitition. That this football group under the direction of Forrest Gregg and John Jenkins has such an outstanding management team is a huge plus and it's certainly an honor to be a part of it."

...I hope Rod lasts the full year...unlike his stay in the Peg it could be successful....long as Jenkins dosen't start looking and behaving like Daley.... :wink:

True..Rust seemed to be turning the corner wth our D last year...
Never really heard what was the pressing family matters, he left us for...
Hope he does well with the Gades...they need it..

I think Rod Rust's pressing family matter last year was called Jim Daley.

Agree DoubleBlue I never did believe that version last year of “family problem”. Rod left under dubious circumstance.