Renegades get old Roughrider Logo back?

what do u guys think....

kanga is always saying the renegades should merge the record book and change thier colours and name ....

i think a much simpler solution ( and probably cheeper ), is to buy back the old logo of the ottawa rough riders.

this would give the renegades that familiar look of old, without being cheesy and giving the CFL 2 rough-rider teams. might even re-kindle that old flame with the ottawa fans.

heres a link to the old logo im refering to ( the one in the top left of the page ):

[url=] ... &vc=&x=wrt[/url]

i think its a good idea, and the old logo is much nicer than the new renegade logo.

I like the new one better.

I like the new one better also.

We look bush if we go back to two teams with the same nickname.

I'd also keep the newer logo.....

You dont have to change the name.
You could still call them the renegades but use the Roughrider R

True, but once you start down that slippery slope…1st the logo, then the name.

Once you give into the logo, you’ll get guys like Kanga wanting a name change.

im not sayin use the old rough-rider name...just the old logo...still call them the renegades.

I said merged the record book, chage the colors, keep the new name, and bring back the R helmet for the third uniforms based on the black and red colors.

ORR wants the same, but keep the colors the same, bring back the old Rough Rider name, and put the R back on the helmets.

out of those logos, I chose this as the primary one:

with these colors:

[url=] ... Riders.gif[/url]

and the Old R as the second:

but the Gades need some bling bling and a GC win before making any big changes.

See....I rest my case!

Although I think it’s wield and god knows the league is better w/o two teams with the same name, it wouldn’t be terrible if it was still going on. and it wasn’t the same name at all.

you had Roughriders and Rough Riders.

have two teams in the same league in the same city is a lot worse IMO.

Bring back the Rough Rider Logo and R on the helmet and keep the name Renegades. Other CFL fans don't seem to understand that for many Ottawa CFL fans, the Rough Riders had a 120 year history (1876-1996) and to many of us there is a void of tradition that is missing. How would the other CFL fans feel like if the Edmonton Eskimos became the Edmonton Northmen,etc ... Eskimos fans wouldn't like it. Remember the Montreal Concordes ? Not quite the same thing as the Montreal Alouettes and I bet if you ask Montreal fans, I'm sure they much prefer the Alouettes. I grew up with the Ottawa Rough Riders and I miss their tradition and I'll bet you there are a lot more Ottawa fans like me. What is the harm in buying the old name and logos (not that stupid lumberjack one) and putting the R back on the Ottawa Renegades helmet. Merge the records, they did it for the Alouettes and the Concordes.

your link isnt working.

I meant to put the horse and cowboy and the big R like at the top. Thanks, KK

I agree, although Edmonton should name their cheer team something like the Edmonton Energy. Heck, every team as one for theirs, the Blue Lightning, Trailblazers, Outriders, Blue Thunder.

I once though that the Edmonton Eskimos should chage their name becase it was offensive to the Inuits (means rawfleasheaters), but that’s like saying we should chage the name of the Blue Bombers becase of the Allies bombers (which colors were blue) that bombed Germany and Japan in WW2, even though they named themselves that before the war. Besides, may Inuits have endorsed the name and enbassed the term Eskimos, weather they want to admit it or not. Heck, if the name was so bad, why did I learn it when I was in pre-k learning my abc’s? the Edmonton fans don’t practice anything that might be offensive, as the tomahawk crop, etc.

anyway, point is their cheer team needs a nickname, and I think the Energy would be perfect for them.

No worries, ORR. :wink:

who said I wanted to chage Ottawa’s name?

You want to change everything else!!!! :wink:

...the tomahawk crop...Kanga is there some new cash crop that we are not aware of in just 're a riot.. :lol:

Seriously, the tomahawk chop really ****** me off, it should be outlawed from so sick!

it’s not like watching the Kiwi’s do the Haka, which has been endorsed by the Mari and is awesome to watch.

and… Heck the Red and Gold unifroms were so cool! I have video of them from a TSN’s “This day in the CFL”.

The Red and Gold uni's might have looked good, but it wasn't Ottawa's colours, look at any other sports team that's been around for awhile and they use the traditional Ottawa colours, Black and Red. I agree with the idea of putting the R back on the helmet and merging the records. Keep the name Renegades, but going back to old name of Rough Riders wouldn't bother me either (only seems to bother Sask fans).

Bring back Red and Gold as the main colors (heck, if their a "new" team, why not?), but have a Black and Red thrid unifrom with a R helmit. That's what I want for Ottawa, and them to win the GC.

BTW, I find it intreresting that their is an import from Zaire on the Gades roster. :shock:

StampsRock, it doesn't bother this Sask. fan a bit if the Renegades change their name back.....I do like the sound of Renegade, but Rough Riders did well too.....heck, I still sometimes call Sask. the "green Riders" out of habit.....