renegades fans only

who would u take if you had a choice

maas or joseph

joseph....he can run better....hes a double threat...4000 yards passing 1000 yards rushing.

with a better o-line, i think he could get 5000 passing and 1000 rushing.

the only reason i'd consider maas, is he seems to draw attention from other free agents to your team, then u have a chance to sign other players.

I'm not a gades fan, I'm BB and Ticats

but both are great QBs, any team can go far with them.

I'm really curios to see what Wynn can do next season that is.

I’m with Joseph. He has better running ability. If he can just stop throwing interceptions!!!

interceptions are not his fault...his crappy o-line forces him to throw quickly, and that causes turnovers.

that sounds famular, hope Doug Berry of the BB and the G’s took note of that.

Maas he throws a better ball, entertainment value go with Joesph because of his running ability.

I take Mass
Panic causes Joseph to throw interceptions!
I also dont like running QBs. To mee it tells the offence "You cant do the job so I have to"

Forget about the interceptions!
What about Joseph's fumbles??????????????????????????

Give me Maas. But play Banks!

but thats exactly the case in

its like : oh crap, my o-line isnt giving me anytime to look for recievers, so i better run or get sacked again.

Joseph is a talented running back, but we have to see if he will make the transition to QB. I think he can, but you never know. :roll:

Oh yeah. I forgot about the fumbles. I guess we can blaim that on the o-line as well...