Renegades Fan? ABC

Just wondering about this ABC poster?

Every one of his posts seem to have a distinct theme to them that clearly illustrate some deep underlying hate of the team.

Wouldn't it be ironic if this clown was one of those loyal consultants that the team hired to 'suggest" changes and their consulatations some of which were highlighted in the papers this week and were the attempted back stabbing of Forrest Gregg which seem to be some sort of scheme to force the ownership into a knee jerk reaction and changes.

Both Lisowski and Kershaw both seem to be operating in cahoots and with ideas of taking over the team themselves. They should both be run out of town tar and feathered.

I would think the ownership group will get wise to there hairbrain schemes and get them taken care of in short order. The a$$ kissing crawly bum actions and backstabbing action dictates they be gotten rid because clearly they both are out to kill any efforts that Jenkins and Gregg get going.

Now with the ten player signing and that energy of Kerry Joseph attending these camps and tossing the rock There's some positives happening and lieky more coming along the pipeline.

If I was running that office I would inquire with the CFL website about tracking ABC's IP address and follow the dots....

well, this topic will get looked up rather quickly.

locked up too methinks. :lol: