Renegades eye NFL QB Palmer????

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Kerry Joseph isn't worrying about being dumped for The Bachelor.

The Renegades quarterback said he's heard the buzz, but isn't thinking about the club's interest in Ottawa native Jesse Palmer, cut Saturday by the NFL's New York Giants.

The Sun reported Sunday the Renegades have had trade talks with the Montreal Alouettes, who own Palmer's CFL rights.

"It doesn't bother me and it's not in the back of my mind," Joseph said after practice yesterday. "I didn't think about it until you guys asked me the question. I don't worry about that. I just worry what Kerry Joseph can do to help this team win some ball games.

"Whether it's them trying to spark something in me ... I can only do my job. I've got to do it to the best of my ability. That's the pressure I put on me. I don't worry about the other stuff."

Renegades president Lonie Glieberman said the fact executive-vice president Forrest Gregg had a couple of conversations with Montreal GM Jim Popp last week about what it would take to get Palmer's rights is not an expression of dissatisfaction with Joseph's performance this season.

"That's an important question because we don't want it to be seen as that. It's not that," said Glieberman. "The fact is Jesse Palmer had a great college career and he's from the city of Ottawa ... it's no slight to Kerry or (backup quarterback) Brad (Banks) because we know what they can do. It's just that for the long-term future, we've got to look at all our options. We've got to explore it. We just can't sit by and ignore the opportunity that Jesse Palmer could deliver.

"Are we happy with who we have? Yeah."

Glieberman said the club wouldn't hurt this year's team to obtain Palmer's rights.

"We have a team that's in the stretch drive for the playoffs and that's crucial," he said. "We want to keep this team intact and not trade our current team for the future."

But Glieberman said he wouldn't be doing his job if the team didn't at least explore the Palmer situation.

"You couldn't bypass it and say you're not interested in a guy who was a great quarterback at the University of Florida, who was a credible quarterback in the NFL for the last five years and who's from this city," he said. "This city has never had a local person playing quarterback for the team.

"But having said all that, it's important to note that's our interest level, but first things first. We're here to win this season and we've got two guys who are capable of bringing this team a championship."


Coach-GM Joe Paopao said the buzz about Palmer won't be a distraction for Joseph or the rest of the Renegades (5-5), who host the undefeated B.C. Lions (9-0) on Thursday night.

"I didn't know about it until somebody told me (yesterday) about three hours ago," he said. "I had no idea what people were talking about and neither did Kerry.

"I think any time you have good players available, particularly if they're from the home town here, that's always going to stir interest, whether they're a hockey player or a football player. It's always going to stir interest and rightly so.

"Is that going to affect (Joseph's) play? No. Jesse isn't practising. Jesse isn't here. The likelihood is he's going to wind up with another (NFL) team. He's talented enough. He's probably not going to be up here, not this year, probably not for a couple of years ... He's got ability and because he's local, I think it's natural the interest is what it is."

I wonder.
If Ottawa were to trade for Palmer's right and he signs with another NFL team, does that void the trade?

Marty York reports that part of the deal is that if Palmer plays for Ottawa, he has to get Loonie on as the next bachelor.

Comming to a TV set near you!

No it does not void the trade.Unlike nhl/mlb/nba where there is only one league where the best of the best can play.In the cfl/nfl its not the case the rens are not making a trade to get palmer but his rights and yes there is a difference.In short if he wants to come back to the cfl his rights would belong to ottawa.

heres an article from, where ex-renegades GM talks about how the renegades WOULDA been the top team if he had not screwed up.

below is a link to the full article, as well as an excert:

[url=;jsessionid=MIIBIMEMMIGH?content=20050905_153526_5544] ... 53526_5544[/url]

Think about it for a moment, folks: Jason Clermont and Brock Ralph could have joined Jason Armstead, Yo Murphy and Pat Woodcock in Kerry Joseph's five-receiver package! And, that's not even factoring in the additional American spot -- or two -- that would have been available to Joe Paopao elsewhere thanks to Jason and Brock. Perhaps a kicker, a right guard -- or possibly even both.

It Would Be Great To See Him Play For Ottawa, When Was The Last Time Any Of You Can Remember Seeing A Canuk At QB. I'd Imagine Given The Chance He'd Rather Play For Ottawa Then Anywhere Else. I Say If Your Ottawa Trade The Rights For Banks And Maybe A DB Or WR, Then Take Joseph, Put Him At Backup QB But Then Also Start Him As A FS Or OLB.


A Canadian Quarterback.....Wow!

So heres a question if you have a Canadian QB, does that allow you another import at another position, or are QB's, Imports, and Non imports seperate categories and rules?

In order to have three imports QBs per team, the BOG had it stated in the ratio rule that the status of a QB doesn't count in the ratio. So I guess having a Canadian QB would not allow you to add one more import elsewhere.

Unless you'd do something crazy like hire Jesse Palmer as a wide receiver, and get this "receiver" to assume the quarterbacking duties every game...

Well as I see it the QB does not count in the ratio so it would not allow another import. You are allowed "X" not including quarterbacks
So what ever the number is lets say 19.
That is 19 imports + 3 QB regardless if they are American or Canadian

third- do you know if this is possible. i assume there is a rule that you wr can't take more than 50 % of the snaps or something. otherwise you could throw any american in as a "qb" and have them play any position if you had a candian qb. that could be a very shrewd move. or if the qb needs to line up behind the line of crimmage then throw you import rb in as qb same effect. anyone know the rules on this?

A player designated as a QB has to line up in the backfield in a position to receive a snap. In a game against MTL last year, Sask lined Burris up as a reciever with Keith in the backfield as the QB, and they got a penalty. I believe it's a 25 yd penalty if the QB lines up anywhere but as QB, punter or placekicker. This would include as a RB, with another QB over the center.

Though it is acceptable to send a direct snap to your HB (or FB) and make him throw a pass to your QB.

So, blackdale, I think it might be possible - though unethical - to mark Josh Ranek as a QB (so he doesn't count in your ratio) and Jesse Palmer as a a HB a make "direct snaps" all game long to the "HB" (who would sometimes hand it off to the "QB").

That would definately sit on the limit of what is acceptable and what is cheating. I guess Paopao could do it, given that he "hid" 8 players on the injury reserve at the beginning of the season when he was supposed to trim down his roster.

i guess that would mess up the way you line up your offense though. ranek"qb" would be stuck lining up in front of joseph"RB" the only way it could work would be if you play shotgun all night with the qb and rb lined up beside one another. this would not be very effective.

The fact is, Palmer is really untested. And this talk of offering him a $450k plus salary is nonsense! Palmer hasn't proven a thing, other then how to be a tv personality. Would he be a draw initially? Probably. Would he deliver? Who knows...

This makes sense for me now....

Ok Al's have the rights to Palmer....but I was on the field last friday after the game, waiting for Jim Popp when he was approached by 2 'Gades employees.....I stayed close and they were talking about a "possible trade"...something in the effect of...."Only if he signs with us the deal gets thru..."...

I was thinking of some other Al's players in the doghouse, but now Palmer make sense...and we still "owe" the 'Gades an undisclosed player for the Kellet trad, if I remember correctly.

There's no way they should break open the bank for Palmer until he shows that he can play with the Calvillo's and Allen's. That said, I remember a while back when there was tremendous support for having and developing Canadian QB's. Why not give the guy a look anyway?

I don't know who you are dude, but I kinda doubt GMs discuss trades in front of other people. And owing the Rens for the Kellet trade doesn't mean we should give them someone of Palmeré,s value. Let's give them O'Neil Wilson.

T & T,

if you don't believe me fine, I don't give a crap, but as I said I was on the field after the game because I had a players "invite pass", and I was near Popp when he was approached by 2 'Gades employees, I sticked around (talking to other players) and listened, they didn't mentionned any names, but for me after reading the Sun article, Palmer make sense. I was sure they wanted to trade Megna since he's in the doghouse....

Al's invested too much in Ell Roberson (kept him around 2 years with the team on injured list) to sign Palmer. So a trade could be good....

I'll send you a PM over this matter :wink:

Ottawa has to take a good, long look at the Palmer possibility. We need something to get people excited about this team. Mardi Gras didn't do it. The Toga party didn't do it. Last night's performance sure didn't do it.

This is a great opportunity for the Gliebermans to prove that they are making every effort to make the Gades a winner. And having a local boy leading this team would be great for the city and the league as a whole.