Renegades.....Bomber Game????

Is the Bomber Renegades game going to be Televised????? Last week the schedule didn't show the Bomber....Hamilton game but it was shown in the lower 48.....would appricate any info.......Am hooked on the CFL.....Thanks

Sorry Davidson....No TV on this one....Some day all the games will be on the tube......

A few years ago (probably 10-15 years ago) the Blue Bombers tried offering pay-per-view for all of their home games. I believe it cost like $20-30 per game, and I assume that it was unsuccessful because it is no longer offered.

today you'd get better sales due to digital cable and satilite. id'd pay $20 to see a game if it was blacked out throughout the city. they should rtry it again. plus if you look at the games that are non-televised, more than half involve the renegades. unfortunate because thev've ended up to be good games

If veiwership continues to rise like it has this year, its only a matter of time before the league cuts a sweet deal with a network and all games will be televised.

I'd pay $20 to watch the game at home, regardless of whether it was home or away. Of course, I'd probably be at the stadium most home games!

hope you are right Pigseye …it’s way overdue…

Hey Bomber fans, get used to no tv when you play the GADES.... We have something like 5 games not televised this year... And they are on tv anytime when in Ottawa... brutal.

another good game for the Bombers.....I think they have just served notice...when you come to WPG....don't underestimate the talent on this club....or believe that this team is destined for the basement.......or you will be leaving without 2 points.... just like I said in a previous post....

Woo Hoo, two in a row, we are on a roll, and both blow outs, gotta keep it going the rest of the way now.