Renegades BEGINNING a New winning streak Wednesday?

:shock: :evil: With Donavan Carter in the lineup for the Argos Game the Rens will be tough to beat. :twisted: :arrow: :mrgreen:

I don't think he'll be playing agin them vincenzo. said he'll join the team on the weekend AFTER passing a not playin tonite

Go need this this game and crawl out of that hole,you need to turn the wagon prevent the cross over..

My favorite team in the east is the renegades so im hoping they can break their losing streak tonite, and prevent either what i hope will be sask or calgary from crossing over.

agree esks123, hopefully the rider's will be the team with sad faces at the end of the year......the Stamp's should hire jones as the number two QB...he just might be... there knight in shinning armour..

I'm hoping the Rens win, just so the Als don't get distanced by the Argos.

GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrGGGGOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!