Renegades are making the proper strides

Even though the Renegades are 1-2 they are showing signs of finally becoming a team to be rekoned with in the CFL. Like Kerry Joseph said after there loss against B.C. " it is not how you start but how you finish that counts". There defence is very physical and has more depth then in the past, and everyone knows that offences take time to gel.... :lol:

Well done SMACK and agreed.

Let's be honest we all thought we'd be 0-3 at this point in the early season. And the Calgary game I think was to be our 1st chance at a win.

The fact that our Gades have been competitive and have shown levels of improvement in most areas of the game is a great sign. Also important is the fact that our players have for the most part avoided injuries and those as replacements to injured players have played pretty good.

Our concerns for the O line seems to - for the moment been dealt with, with Nelson starting @ left tackle for Joseph blind side.

Bright spots for far this season for sure have been the Gades Defence. If those guys can stay healthy. We will be looking pretty good by September. Our D is really physical and seems to enjoy beating up on people. It's really nice to see that they are doing the inflicting vs our competition doing it to them in the past.

If they contimue to improve, avoid injury and get a bit of luck our D will steal some games for us this year!

The key will be to get pressure on the opposing QB's and avoiding bad penalties.

As for our Offence:
It's nice to see us scoring so far this season (funny to say but it has been a problem in the past)...

To be more specific it's nicve to see the contribution from different receivers in all 3 games... Woodcock is starting to get the ball. Armstead is a staleworth, Cutolo looked clutch vs Montreal. So if we can get a complete game from all of them at the same time, we'll be in good shape.

Another bright spot has been the tough running Ranek. Simply put with the right calls on running will equate into consistent 5 yrd runs from him. This is so good for our O as it will take pressure off Joseph when 2nd and 5... They need to use Ranek more with pitch outs and screens...


-Although for sure our #1 QB - Joseph at times looks a bit lost out there. He seems to lack confidence to lead the passing attack. (if you watched the BC game - Dickenson in the 3rd quarter put on a 5 yrd passing clinic - hopefully Joseph was watching...) Generating 2-3 solid drives per game would be huge for Joseph... This of course is linked to pass protection...

  • Also Joseph also seems very reluctant to stuff the ball under his arm at any point in time and run like hell!!! Only when the game in on the line has he shown this to us... And when he does he's brillant. (eno ugh with the baseball slides Kerry - you were a safety in the NFL - hit somebody!! Defences have to respect his abilities... But this only will happen if he shows it... (Think back to the Flutie days.. You never knew when he'd straight up just ran the ball himself..)

-Play calling - although much better they seem to only have ha handful of plays for specific situations... Why the hell do they not have more roll outs... (ho hum - Joseph is a running threat to any defence - any play action calls will be succesful for him... but only if they call it!!! The same goes with using Ranek... By setting up some play action situations using Ranek, they will open up the passing game...

Special Teams - the BC game was really rough for us. It was the TSN turning point of that lose for us. Stuff like missing a FG and getting it taken back for a TD really deflates your team! Another one was the botched short kick... COMMON Kellet that was weak!

Conclusion - Ottawa has shown signs of life, coupled with a bad start in Hamilton plus a win vs Montreal... The Gades are looking good.

The team has played ok and they seemed to have improved since game 1. Now the Calgary game will be critical as they need to beat teams that they can beat... Calgary looks like the Renegades of the west and they need to put together a couple of wins to get them going ...

The Gades success this season is 100 % co-related to the success Joseph will have vs his opposing defences... Our D should be able to keep us in most games given they are not on the field rediculously long and also as long as they don't get into penalty trouble.

Go Gades.

Good points all around, but one specific area they must work on, is the dumb mental mistakes that cost them penalties. That too many men on the field call in the 4th qtr really killed us, especially when we had a big gain which got us into BC territory. Too many men should never happen, just shows the level of discipline that the team has. If a player comes in, one goes out, it’s that simple. But overall, they played a good road game. Jospeh, although I think he’s one of the top QB’s in the league, needs to work on his accuracy. If he connected on a couple of those long balls, we could have put BC away early on.

But life goes on, time to concentrate on Calgary now. This is a very winnable game. The defence needs to step up even bigger and shut down the Stamps. Burris can be dangerous if given time, which means that we must get pressure. It would be nice to see a blitz every so often, just to mix it up. SHould be a good game though.

Burris is beatable if you get in his GRILL really early in the game...

Calgary looks allot like the Gades as a team... Good talent that need to connect in order to win.