Renegades $99 Season Ticket Sale a sucess

The $99 season ticket sale was a huge sucess. The team sold 5836 season tickets in their one day sale. Which kind of means that people in ottawa care about football, or couldn’t pass up such a great deal. Either way, it will be nice to attend games this year and Frank Clair looks packed. Here is the link.

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The SS upper deck will totally go off now!!

Should be loud up there!!

Good times!

That’s great! I’ve been worried about the Renegades not being able to put butts in the seats. Yeah, the tickets are cheap, but who cares? The owners have money, and they probably more than doubled their season-ticket number with this deal!

Obviously there’s football fans in Ottawa … they may be cheap, but they’re there :wink: (jk) … it’s always a lot harder to get fans to pay top dollar for a crappy (yeah, I said it) team. And in any case, you’d have to be a football fan to “not pass up such a great deal”! If you don’t like football, you’re not gonna shell out $99 just because it’s a sale :wink:

I gotta admit, I’d be kind of ticked if I’d bought season’s beforehand for a lot more … but, I’d also be thrilled (moreso, I think) about all those people buying tickets.

Man, this is awesome news!

The season tickets sold prior to the $99 sale are most definately better seats anyway, so I wouldn’t be too peeved if I was a regular season ticket holder. And they were given the opportunity to give up their seats and take the $99 deal anyway.

It’s great to just get butts in the stands and this team is not as bad as people think. Exciting receivers, solid running back and Kerry Joseph can get the job done. I thought Ottawa was playing Edmonton pretty tough and the score was close until the Edmonton touchdown that shouldn’y have counted according to the replay. Having said that the Gades need to take it on the chin and re-group. Wait and see…they’ll entertain. Armstead is great. :wink:

Agreed, yes they lost to Edmonton but the Gades Defence played an elite team pretty tough. Ottawa’s D will be one of the best this year.

Joseph will need to show more and take control of the game.

And that said, the athmosphere will be amazing @ FCS this year.

Kudos to the Glieberman’s for makeing something happen. They just want to get people out to the games and with that and some on field success the Gades will be around forever.

There D was strong - and yes, it is a decent Edmonton team - but their O-line was so, so shaky … poor Joseph!

Where the hell did my " similar" post concerning the $99 season ticket success story go that I submitted in the wee hours of Sunday morning (about 2 A.M.)?
That’s about the third post that has been subterfuged!! This site is starting to piss me off.
I can’t even muster my usual “Go Rens Go!!”

Hey, at the best of times this sie pisses me off! Lots of work left, fellas!!!