Renegade equipment

Has anybody heard anything about the equipment left over from the 2005 season? Last i heard they had it stored up in some closet.
I'd really like to get my hands on a real football helmet.

I heard they had a private sale with some junior schools in the area.

the gades equipment was locked up, all i heard through a reliable source (lonie) is that they made it all available to the other cfl teams to pick thru
and a couple of teams took them up on the offer.i cant see how there would be any more helmets seeing as how ham wears blk helmets,mind you all those helmets are fairly brand new and can be repainted to suit any team's a fraction of the regular price they would normally pay, i'm sure they're all gone. i'll ask lonie myself and get back to you.i guess this means that thet're going to have to start over again.

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The local semi-pro club was posting on their message board about buying some of the equipment, but didn't specify if it included helmets.

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