Renauld Williams: Out for season!

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[i][b]The Roughriders are concerned that middle linebacker Rey Williams may have suffered a torn medial collateral knee ligament during Friday's 35-20 loss to the host B.C. Lions.

Williams is to undergo an MRI to determine the extent of the damage.

If the injury is indeed a tear, Williams will likely miss the remainder of the regular season. Next in line to play middle linebacker: Jerrell Freeman.[/b][/i]

Ouch. The Leader Post just did a column about him being a step up on Mo early on. Looks like they jinxed him.

No God no. What is it with my Riders and injuries? Fantuz. Chick. Hughes. Smith. Makowsky. Johnson. Morris. And now Williams who has been playing great. Can't remember any Riders teams having this many injuries. Not like the last 2 years.

Rod Pedersen reported 5-6 weeks on his blog.

Williams wasn't doing his job anyways..

instead of filling to holes and going in front of the LOS, he's backing off and tackling the guy 5 yards after!

it's almost like he was on roller skates.

You can't be real man. Williams was 2nd or 3rd in the CFL in tackles. You blame Etcheverry on 1 thread. Now you say Williams wasn't playing good. Maybe the Riders will bring back Reggie Hunt. Gary Rogers or maybe Troy Abel. :roll: Get rid of Baggs for Jurasin or Shonte Peoples. Sure it was the defence that lost the game against BC. Nothing to do with the offence that couldn't make 1st downs in the Lions game. Couldn't get the ball to Getzlaf or Dressler.

hell, Williams was getting all his tackles 5 yards into the defense! he wasn't stepping up into the gaps getting them before they gained yards!

it's not hard to see.

No Williams has been playing in a goofy defence. He has been lined up all over. If the Riders played a normal defence and he was a normal middle linebacker behind 2 tackles he would have even more tackles than he did.

I agree etch's wacky D is nothing but a wacky D it worked for hall but its not working for etch. Maybe this is his master plan and all of a sudden he will just start lining up normally to confuse everyone

If the league figured out the "wacky D" in three weeks, how is lining up normal going to confuse anybody?

Man Up! :rockin:

notice how Etch hardly ever lasts a full season?

he's obviously not been that successful if he keeps going to a different team at some point.

Well, considering the Riders have a lot of new faces on defence this year, including Etchie he is not doing that bad.

Wait, he is doing pretty bad. He could be doing worse though.

That is not much of an argument is it? I am too tired to contribute at this point. Good night. :expressionless:

said with tounge firmly in cheek

I think it's a valid point. Etch's defence was certainly unique what with all the strange formations, but other than games 1 and 2 when it obviously confused the heck out of everybody, the opposing teams seem now to have figured it out. . .

I don't know if that's exactly true. Calgary was held to 23 points. Take away a special teams TD that should never have counted, and BC was limited to 28 - that's in weeks 5 and 6. Is that so bad?

This sucks. Scott Schultz retiring mid-season sucks - I still can't believe he would leave his team-mates and the fans high and dry like that. In general our defense (other than the first game of the season) sucks. I don't see much upside either - especially with John Chick out also. Hopefully I am wrong but I think we better score a lot of points on offence if we want to be in the running for another home playoff game.

Why do people keep saying that TD shouldn't have counted? What was wrong with it?

Missed out on the controversy I see. The play should have resulted in Rider ball at the 30 yard line and no BC TD because the Lion who touches it was offside on the play.

where's Reggie?

As far as I know, he still owns a house in Regina.

I could be wrong though.

I also hear he met with BC Lions early on in the year, but they have since got aRmour.