Renard Cox gone?

  1. How did I miss this?

  2. Why on earth would we release this guy?

Can anyone provide any insight into this?

Was he becoming a problem in the room or something?

Oh, and to let you know, I'm not buying the Ryan Glasper thing. Fine if they want Glasper to start, but why wouldn't you keep Cox around for depth at the position. What if someone gets hurt?

As far as I can remember, he is a hard-hitting, speedy linebacker that makes big plays.


Management obviously wants to get younger. I think they really like Glasper and feel he's a better fit as a linebacker then a DB. He had all kinds of trouble with Milt last week. If he gets hurt I would assume Mariuz would be next in line.

I like Glasper too.

I didn't mean to make this about him, I just don't see how you can release Cox at this time.

IMO, a step in the wrong direction unless he was causing problems off the field.

  1. It happened last night.

  2. He kept on getting beat by slotbacks, and I guess nobody wanted him in a trade (even for a low draft pick).

  3. No idea of any locker room stuff (no should we be).

He MAY have been beat out by Glasper, or he may have asked for his release, or he may have been dropped for a better Import player, or, or, or...

Because he lost his jockstrap too many times.

Could be an injury, it happens to lots of football players.

I’m not trying to rip on our defence, but name one ticat defender that hasn’t lost his jockstrap too many times?

Even Tay Cody is getting beat all over the field this season.

Exactly.....I want to know what it is because I'm a pretty big fan of his.

I don't like this move.

The "D" should expect changes. They are not putting pressure on the opposing QB's, seldom stop the other team on late game drives and while they show some hard hitting instincts at time, you just can't live with the way things are.


Ditto this. Our defense still needs to improve, and IMO Cox is not getting it done. There are plenty of Import players out there, we should be able to find someone better in this position.

Hopefully we are not fully content with our DBs. Some more pressure on the QB would help these guys out, but we still need to be a little better. Personally, I would like to see a better safety back there, but I'd like to see if Kharihari (sp?) can return to form first. If not, bring in another import, we have plenty of room.


Even Tay Cody is getting beat all over the field this season
Hasnt he only played one game??

He has played in two of the five and he got hurt in the first one.

So yeah, bad example but he did get beat all over the field in the Winnipeg game.

Regardless, my point is that all of them are getting beat, even Tay Cody when he's played so far. The defense as a unit has to be firing on all cylinders or breakdowns are going to happen.

  • The defensive line needs to get pressure to help the defensive backs on passing situations. It also needs to fill the holes to allow the linebackers to make tackles on the running plays.

  • The secondary needs to provide solid coverage to allow the line an extra second or two to get to the QB....

and so on.

Without the support of your teammates, breakdowns are going to happen.

Renard Cox is an outside linebacker, not a defensive end. Unless he isn't getting the job done when blitzing, it's pretty hard to pin the lack of a pass rush on him.

I agree the defense needs to get better....I'm just not sold that Cox was someone that needed to go in order for that to happen.

It looks to me that if you're an import from the previous regime you better be at the top of your game or you will be history. Not surprising as this happens a lot in any sport when a new GM comes in.
I can see Collier and Cox getting picked up by other teams looking for depth or to fill an injury. They're not world beaters but both are both good players IMO. To me Collier's strength is a rush end and the Ticats already have that guy in McKay. Also Gause has a pretty good resume. Glasper looks like he could be around for a while and he's one of Marcel's new guys and back up Jamacia Jackson was an outstanding college LB.
Cox could be more valuable to a contending team as backup S/LB similar to Chuck Winters role with the Argos.

Maybe Glasper is the right guy for the job? I'm not arguing that we couldn't find someone better, my problem is that Cox is pretty fast and he hits pretty hard, so how can we not have a spot for him somehwere on this team?

I have issues if this was a salary dump.

Basically I just want to know why they gassed him.....what were the reasons?

If his play as a starter was lacking, then bring in Glasper and find another spot for Cox as a back-up or in different defensive situations.

Why does it have to be on a contending team?

He would be perfect for that role on this team.

The love child of Khari Jones and Mata Hari?

If you meant Richard Karikari, then I disagree. He is an excellent Safety.

Watch for him to land with the Argos - all of our castoffs seem to migrate there.

I think Cox is tight with Kavis Reed.

Funny how the Argos seem to be better than us every season with so many of our castoffs on their team. It wouldn't surprise me if Cox landed there.

Apparently Cox isn't good enough to play on the worst team in the league though. So I guess we'll see.

this guy would have been an all-star if he didnt leave, cox is gonna tear it and make marcel sorry, this management is too cocky and cuts players to quickly, yet they stuck with that bust maas.