Renaming Westdale Secondary

I started a previous thread marked "This is Important..." and should have included a poll. I am attempting to rectify this error with this new thread. Please vote with your heart, whichever way it leans. I hope for a lot of support for my idea, but will not be too disappointed if the feelings of my fellow members do not align with mine. You can choose one option only, and can change your vote if you make a mistake.

Here is a link to the previous thread if you want to read it before deciding how to vote:


Not a chance! I won the Russ Jackson Trophy in my days at Westdale, and met Mr. Jackson. He was humble and gracious, and of course a legend. Westdale has produced many athletic, academic, political, and business stars and I would bet none would want the school changed in their name (well, maybe a politician would).

Go Warriors! :thup:

Absolutely not. One of the most historic high schools in Canada. I would bet that Russ would not want this either. No offence to Russ but there are so many, literally 1000's of tremendous and deserving graduates who went onto great careers, not only in sports but every field imaginable.

Brian Williams, Glen Sonmor, Harry Neale, Daniel Lanois, Teenage Head, Lincoln Alexander, Eugene Levy, David Braley, Martin Short...just to name a few.

Also a Westdale graduate....Go Warriors!!!

I really dont want to have the name of Westdale changed its an icon in Hamilton the second oldest High school next to Delta. It would be a very controversial endeavour. There are just to many alumni equal to Mr Jackson. I think the idea is a good one to honour Mr Jackson in some way but I don`t think this is it.
What is the possibility of "Russ Jackson Field" at Ron Joyce Stadium? Or would Mr Joyce be to egotistical to Allow that?
Could the part of Main West running in front of McMaster be named "Russ Jackson Way"?
What about a bronze statue type deal at the entrance to "Ron Joyce Stadium".
How about renaming a city recreation center in his honour? (either a new one or existing one)?


My Mom went to Westdale in the 40's and she votes no on the renaming the school suggestion - but would be in favour of something else specifically athletics or football related to honour Jackson. But not the entire school being named after him.

When I mentioned this to her she also gave me a piece of trivia about Westdale that I was not aware of - but have since verified online. At the time it was built Westdale was the largest school in the British Commonwealth.

Westdale has some other pretty significant and successful alumni as has been mentioned including Lincoln Alexander, David Braley, John Munro, Martin Short, Brian Williams, Eugene Levy, hockey Hall of Famer Harry Howell, Myron Scholes (a Nobel Prize winner) just to name a few. Tough to choose Jackson over some of those for naming the school after.

I couldn't find it in the short search i did, but I was told anecdotally that Westdale was also used as a minimum-security jail during WW II. Tie Domi is a Westdale grad. And, finally, there IS a Russ Jackson award for football (IIRC) - it has been FAR too long since I graduated from there... lol

Sig, where did you get that Tie Domi grew up in Belle River, Ontario (near Windsor) and attended Belle River District High School.

That’ll teach me to take Wikipedia as gospel… lol.

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