Renaming the divisions

With the yesterdays end of possibility to the Edmonton Eskimos winning the East division, it made me think leading up to the game. What if it did happen? Edmonton Eskimos the 2008 East division champs? I know, it didn't happen so why worry right? But lets face it, right now, the better CFL teams are in the west (with the exception of the Allouettes) and right now, I don't honestly see it changing next year either.

With that being said, why not change the division names? Do what the NHL did back in the day and name the divisions after people who influenced the game. Instead of the West division, why not the Ackles Division and so forth for the East?

With the way the CFL playoff format the way it is, eventually a crossover team WILL represent the opposite division in a Grey Cup game. By doing this, it won't sound as stupid if the above scenerio happens and we can also continue to honor people who have had great influences on the CFL, making it the greatest league in the world, such as the late Bob Ackles!