Rename Stadium Rd. to honour Henry GIZMO Williams

[b]I think the city should honour Mr. Williams by renaming Stadium Rd after him. We can't really rename the stadium, but we sure as hell can rename the road it's on. Perhaps ...

Henry GIZMO Williams Way, or Gizmo Williams Way

Wayne Gretzky put E-Town on the map, but what has he done for the city since 89 ? No disrespect to Gretz, but if he gets a road for winning 4 Cups in Edmonton, then why not honour someone who has done so much more than just help win us championships ?

Gizmo Williams is a tireless supporter of many charities in the City of Edmonton. He spends countless hours doing things with, and for the children of our city. Again, just a cpl weeks ago his pic was in The Sun...He was doing a habitat for humanity type building project. Every time you see him in the paper it's because he is supporting another charitable cause. His name has such drawing power. Just to lend his name, and nothing else, must be a huge boon to a charity. He doesn't just lend his name though. He gives of his own time, and sweat. Mr. Williams chose to make Edmonton his home. Since then he has done nothing but improve our community. The guy has done so much for charity. If we all did one percent of the charitable work this man has done. Edmonton would be a Utopia. If anyone out there thinks any other athlete has given back more to our community, I'd like to hear who it is...I'll tell you right now...You are not going to find one. In this day of pro athletes always only chasing the buck, and thinking only of themselves, this is our chance to honour someone special. After their careers are over many athletes fade away. Gizmo Williams has stayed at the forefront, and continued to give of himself.

He was a great Eskimo, an Eskimo great, and is an even greater man.

Ppl of Edmonton, and fans of the Giz everywhere...If you're with me on this let your voice be heard. Write letters to the City, and the newspapers. Call the radio talk shows. Get behind it, and we can make it happen.

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............heck, why not rename the whole town Gizmonton..........Ed's had the name long enough and none of us even remember what he did to get the town named after him anyway.......I vote for Gizmonton......

good idea, he is a great player and hall of famer. Don't know how well it will be received with the other EE fans, do the EE have stuff named after other footy legends?

I couldn't really care less whether or not he has a road or street named after him. But if the city develops a habit of naming streets after pro-athletes who have played in Edmonton, then I think Gizmo would be at the top of the list.

I could be way off base here…but isnt commonwealth a symbol of the games for ALL of Canada and not just Edmontonians…

We're talking about re-naming a road, not the actual stadium.

I can't imagine Commonweath Stadium being renamed. Although Gizmo name would be good for a stadium, for a high school.

I'd love to see the Edmonton get the winter games and see the OC and CC hosted at commonweath someday.

my bad......the giz deserves a road....

When it comes time to re-name the Stadium, they’ll call it “Hueys’s House!” 8) 8) 8)