Removal of posts

The interesting thing about D&P is he has accused his team - the Als - of being racist, and has acknowledged the CFL as being run mafia like.

Yet he continues to post away when there are so many other sports/entertainment options out there.

And now we see he is thin skinned and asks for posts questioning him to be removed.


How can Alouettes be racist ?!!??!

They parle Français!

They’ve been attacking us Arcadians for centuries!!!

Then with all due respect, maybe you should not be a mod.
You have to debate with yourself as to whether or not the person flagging the post has a valid reason....
Personal attack
Off topic

Waaaaaa I dont like him replying to me. is not a valid reason
Deleting a post just because it was flagged is wrong.
Not having time is not an excuse

Again, with respect

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Sorry, but that does not apply here

Is there a point to this post?
This is a perfect example of what should be flagged
This should be removed before being flagged but the excuse of not having time is valid here

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Why can't everyone just be nice! :sun_with_face: :lollipop:
We all have alot in common,
We like sports
We are passionate about CFL football


To the best of my knowledge, that is never the case. Many flags are just that, but the mods can hit ‘ignore’ which pretty much means we don’t agree with the flag and the ‘offending’ post remains..

and, for the most part, we are all Canadian.

anytime I get frustrated for a fanbase I just think hey, we are all one.

(even Saskatchewan fans, lol).

Not enough CFL fans in this league as it is.


And they were it has been the case

Sounds like its time to move on, then.
Do the job right or step aside.


This thread isn’t even CFL Talk!

It’s Doctor Who!!!!


Juste pour que vous sachiez que j'ai signalé votre message comme hors sujet

Voyons ce que font les mods

I am not going to dignify any of the attacks on me here with a reply, but I will say that I have had everyman on my Ignore list for a long time, and I do not respond to his posts. Keep that in mind every time you see him responding to me.


These mods volunteer their own time,
Monitoring a bunch of old men that act like a bunch of grade sixers when the teacher left the classroom.
If you don't want a post removed, then stop acting like Aholes!


When someone on my ignore list (which admittedly only contains three posters) responds to me, I don’t see it. If I don’t see it, I don’t feel the need to flag it.

Just because I don’t like somone or disagree with what they say doesn't mean others shouldn't get to read what is said and make up their own minds. Diversity of thought is a good thing.

I guess I just don’t follow the motivation here.

Not an attack. Just trying to figure things out.

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And if they dont want to do their job properly....they can unvolunteer at anytime
Do the job right or don't do it at all


Echo (echo) (echo) (echo) :grin:

Not sure of your point but ok

Then you could also say
If you don't like the job the mods do
don't participate


I literally just posted the same thing.
Thought it was funny. Who'd have thought that you and I would ever agree on anything?

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