Removal of posts

Can we have a public debate on removing posts? If not just say so.
Every time I post a rebuttal to discipline and punish it gets removed. Is he off limits? If so just tell us. Thanks


Not supposed to call out mods so prob reason it gets removed

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I appreciate the thumbs up but can you state your opinions here?

Not sure thats true but he has been removed as a mod

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This thread will be locked down in 3. . . 2. . . 1

Believe me I can relate to what you are saying . It was the result of rebutting another poster on his ridiculous BS posts and suddenly finding that everyone of my posts were being deleted for no apparent reason . Believe it or not I had no less then 6 posts flagged and deleted in one day because of this said poster . The poster that I had the problem with is one that several others have also had a problem with in the past .


He has asked for you to stop stalking him. When you do he flags it and asks for it to be deleted. You know he has you on ignore, so why you would quote him and respond to his texts when he cannot see it is strange.

Does this help?


Really? He has him on Ignore yet at the same time flags posts? How can he do that if he cannot see the posts?? seems like double talk.


Well, he told me he has him on ignore. But you’re right that does seem odd, hmmm.

D&p do you have Everyman on ignore?

i am not stalking him.
I think others have a right to see his opinions be questioned


That’s his claim, not mine.

So he has privilege to delete responses ? because he has me on ignore?

If any poster thinks they’re being harassed and a mod agrees (even an iota) the posts can be deleted. This happens all the time.

Someone's opinions being challenged does not equal harassment. . . unless you are exceptionally thin-skinned.



When I complained about people trolling me when I never respond to them...The mods told me that if I post, then people have the right to respond....

Do people not have the right to reply to D&P?

Double standard?

SO let me get this straight?
Someone replies to him and he flags it, and the mods delete them? Am I right about that?

He can say whatever he likes, and when someone calls him on it, its gets deleted on his request?

Funny how whenever I post in French it gets deleted
What's the reason for that?


I take that back. . . I can't count.


I agree

I'm pretty sure it was me who deleted that post. If this was a full time job for me, and not the least rewarding hobby imaginable, I'd have time for a debate about whether or not a post would be deleted.


This thread "Kinda Funny" & "Kinda Sad"..... wasn't too long ago when someone could follow, chase & harass someone and the little dog too, all day long with nothing more than a warning.

Now you can't respond to someone three times in an hour without having your posts removed.

UGG......I wouldn't be a mod for love or money....."Kinda Like" being an CFL official. I would absolutely hate starting every day going over every single post just to see if Billy said something to Sally then Sally said something to Billy.

Personally I think the mod's are doing well considering the all free time they give us.

Hopefully this post gives me 1 "free get out of jail coupon"

Even if it's not rewarding, being a mod involves some responsibilities. I didn't read the posts, but we have freedom of speech in Canada and not allowing posters to argue that they should keep their post shouldn't be allowed, unless it's racist, violent, etc.