Reminiscing about our Homegrown Talent

The team s**ks. I need a break from the negativity.

Here is a list of guys I played football with or against in the Hammer. Please feel free to add from your generation.

Mike Morraele
Rob Hitchcock
Trevor Shaw
Bobby Lancaster
The Boyko Brothers
Lance Trumble
Bob McDonald
Greg Aubrey Cummings
Jeff Christian (Ex-Cat Gord's son who went on to play in the NHL)
Tony D'Agostino

i can throw a football a quarter-mile.

...see them mountains over there...

I’ll add Richard Nurse and Derek Noble.

Don’t know if this counts, but I once helped move a buddy into a new neighbourhood, and lo, just a few doors down, there was Dale Sanderson, mowing the lawn in his Kodiaks.

Ah yes, Richard Nurse. I don't think I ever played against him, but I did drink with his brother Ronnie a few times.