Reminder to all......1972 comeback!....

This is just a gentle nudge into the ribs of all to remember the bad start in 1972 and the huge turnaround which happened after that:

Our record after four games was 1-3.....ughhh
(actually worse than our current 0-4 because of a 14 game schedule then)

Then.......we ripped off 10 straight wins, won our playoff game and won the Grey Cup here at Ivor Wynne!!!

History can repeat itself! Gotta believe!

Good point mikey!

that's true, I remember that like yesterday.Everyone says they remember where and what they were doing during the final games of the Summit Series but not me, (very clouded) I remember exactly the time when Ian Sunter hoofed that field goal to win the game. Great moment in history!

Some realistic optimism for a change, quite refreshing. thanks Mikey....

Back then was when we threw in Chuck Ealey at QB. He was marvellous and even though we were 1 and 3 there were games we should have won. Besides the offense actually moved the ball. No comparison to this bunch at all.

Now we have Jason Maas, another good quarterback.

We should also have some wins this season, maybe 3-1!!!!

This team does have definite comparisons to '72 and can get it going with a big streak.

'Gotta believe!!!!

Corny Mikey...

Did we fire the coach in 72?

Wasn't that the year our Defence didn't give up a touchdown in the final games ?

Big Defence wins ..

I remeber Chuck Ealy ,the scrambler though.

He's one of the few QB's that have been Ti-Cats that went unscathed by the fans.

Maybe we only like scrambling QB's who win the Grey Cup in their first year ,then exit?

Chuck was a breathe of fresh air. Al Brenner is another guy I think of when I reflect on the 72 season. I seem to recall he set a single season record for interceptions. Garney and Tong G. also made for a dynamic pass offense. Fond memories Mikey, thanks...

Nice if it was true. Ham.lost the first game of a two game total points vs .Ottawa in the old Eastern Conf. Final.
19-7, then won #2 23-8

Bring back the Two game East and West finals!!

Now we have four teams per division,and yes it was Great!!!!!! :thup: :thup:

Why not give the fans something to celebrate for a change in the playoffs ,the best time of year in the CFL!!!

The first game I attended in 1961 was the second game of a two game Eastern final in Hamilton against the Argos.

We were down by 17 points .

Bernie Faloney led the troops back and on to victory ,saved by a huge defensive team of Ti-Cat greats.

Wow! what a great first game to attend,the cigar smoke and spirits in the stands!!

1961! :cowboy:

I believe Chuck Ealey won "Rookie of the Year" and Garney Henley won "League MVP" in 1972.....also, yeah, Al Brenner had 15 interceptions that year, a CFL record that still stands even though it was in a 14 game! (I think the closet since was Less Browne who was with Winnipeg in 1990....14 interceptions)

What a scrappy team that was! :thup:

It was the '67 team that did not allow a touchdown in the last 7 regular season games and the playoffs and Grey Cup.

In '72 our defence, although still strong (Al Brenner's 15 picks eg.), was not the reason we did so well. We constantly had to come back late in games to win. Ealey was phenomenal. Henley fit in very well in his first season strictly on offence. (He won the Schenley through what many considered to be a sentimental vote as Mack Herron had much superior offensive numbers). Gabriel and Christian could be counted on for clutch grabs over the middle.

So we won the two game total points playoff 30 - 27?

Hard to believe that Mikey would want Lancaster of all people to turn this thing around...

Cause you know...nobody needs to be fired.

I also have one, even thought we did not win the Grey Cup, when I was a cheerleader in 1985 we went 0 and 6 YUCK, you think I was thinking Grey Cup by the seventh game, and we ended up in first place to boot. That I do remember, standing on the sidelines at IWS and watching the clock tick down and realizing we were going to the Cup.

You got to Believe..
We can be Better ..
I was Talking Kevin Eakin & Kamau Peterson
on Sidelines

The Feel the Can make Run ...
So I do With The Changes..

Yes we are the 3 card monte dealers of the CFL. A few minor losses to set up the big win. The Als wont know what hit them in November.

That is correct. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

That is correct. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,