Reminder: Season Seat Owners can purchase $20 Gold seats

FYI I got an email that says there are $20 Gold seats that can be purchased tomorrow when you pick up your season tickets.

I've sat in the gold seats, that is an insanely good deal and they are worth way more then $20 so a good reason to grab a few.

It is limited to 3 August dates I believe.

Damn. Anyone want to pick up a pair for me?

I picked up our season tickets yesterday. As usual, it was well organized and the line moved rather quickly(about 30 minutes). If you save your tickets as a keepsake, this will be the last year for "real tickets". Starting in 2016, the Cats will be going to print your own. I guess that's called progress but this old guy likes the real ticket experience. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy who's getting older by the day)

I got my mini package and it was "print your own"

As a first time Season Ticket Holder, I was quite impressed with the presentation of the tickets. I've never had season tickets to anything before, and I love the way they are put together. Its a shame to have to rip them out. Especially since this will be the last time they are going to be printed this way.

Hint to any new season ticket holders who don't want to rip up their ticket packages:

If you log into the Account Manager, in addition to being able to transfer tickets by e-mail, you can print out replacement tickets for some or all of your seats. As soon as you do so, the original printed ticket becomes invalid, but an awfully nice souvenir!

I have done this a number of times, and never had an issue with the replacement ticket being accepted.

Awesome suggestion. I think I will do that. Thank you!