Reminder! Piggy, Hank and my dear old Dad Pappa!

No Bomber appearance in the Grey Cup!

The menu item for you guys is :slight_smile:

....hold off on that one son.....we ain't dead yet.....but after the banjo bowl.....IF ...we don;t put in a better could be our big turn-around.....???????????? :roll: :roll:

The GC, you must have us confused with Yogi and the gang, a playoff spot was what we wagered I believe as well as the Bombers have a defence in the top 3 in the league........does that sound about right Papa and Hank.

...that was it....but red has a bad memory sometimes... :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

NOw Dad do not fib on this site! Piggy is talking kinda funny since returning from Taylor field and is a bit delusional! I believe the bet was a GC appearance! With eight teams in the league there is a good chance a team will make the playoffs. So my memory is intact my friends. I hope you enjoy the dinner from McCrows! Mind you! You boys have already tasted this before and I am sure you know how to wash it down! Your defense is slipping I believe it may have slipped a bit that last few games. But that is probably from playing most of the game.

PS I am cheering for the Bombers this weekend! Now if that is not a curse what is it!

…not so fast there my son…i recall piggy saying what he posted…so you guys will have to fight it out///yogi seems to be toast around here…haven’t heard from him to verify his predict…anyway …your curse may be the big lift we’ve been waiting for red…Sunday is THE DAY… :rockin: :rockin:

Isee no crow for you! Piggy wants it all to himself! Thats okay! You have to admit the bombers were a suprise but now they have to play a few teams that will test their metal. The riders I figured would be a good test! Now if the bombers do not measure up come this weekend! Yikes you just might be right loos like you will be classed with god for bid the Eskimos!