Reminder how short life can be!

What a sad story. I had wondered what happened to him after his playing days. I know the Glenns Falls area of NY , but what really surprised me was that he also lived in North Canton Ohio! That's literally ten minutes up the road from me and I never knew he lived there.

Wow.....that's young.....and you're right - it is a very sad story.....

Jeez, I'm sorry to hear that, condolences to the family, may he rest in peace.

It's always sad to hear about that, especially at such a young age!

....makes you wonder ....especially with athletes.....who supposedly keep themselves in good shape.....Remember a guy by the name of Leon McQuay....great little football player for the Argos.....was shocked to hear he left us a few years back....he was in such great shape when he played....just shows to go you...ya never know :!:

By the way, anyone knows whatever happened to Thomas Haskins? He had brain cancer, right? Is he still alive? Anybody know what he's doing?

Haskins was all talent and gentlemantly.

I just read the posts here, and I was wondering if Papazoola or anyone else could fill me in on Leon McQuay and the details of how he died and when it happened. The reason I'm asking is because my brother went to college at the University of Tampa when Leon McQuay was the star running back for the school. I know he'd like to know what happened if anyone has any details they could share with me.
Thank you for any help you can provide me.

....I just caught a blurb on the sports talk show a few years back.......I heard that he wasn't well for awhile....and if my memory serves me correct had something to do with kidney failure....I could be wrong...about the check it out...he really wasn't that old...but disease plays no favourites...sorry that's all the info. I have on the former CFL'er..

Ty Jones is in a fight also...does anybody know how he's doing lately...
The warrior he was on the field was sad a story it is, Ty Jones is in another battle..