Remembrance Day

Why is the eastern semifinal which now has a western team on at 11 :00 am? We out west plan to no our our veterans and soldiers as well. How do we watch our team and honor our country at the same time? The CFL should push back the start time to noon.

As a former Sapper I take no offense to a CFL game on remembrance day - I do however hope that they utilize a captive audience and have a small service that would see both teams at centerfield at 11 for a moment of silence.

If the CFL isn't going to provide an onsite service no matter how small it is - then it should push back the start time to 12:30 in order to permit fans to attend a service then head to the game.

Remembrance Day is not honoured in Ontario or Quebec like it is in Alta and B.C. They probably forgot all about it. In Toronto on RD the stores are open, the kids go to school just like any other day...unlike in B.C. where cities and schools completely shutdown similar to Christmas Day (if Nov. 11 occurs on a weekday). Always wondered why but there is no RD "holiday" in Ont?

I seem to recall that, a few years ago when a playoff game fell on Remembrance Day, the start time of the game was pushed back (perhaps I am mis-remembering, but for some reason, I'm picturing it quite clearly). I feel this would be appropriate this year.

It’s interesting, for sure. Surely, it should be a federal holiday. As far as I know, there are currently only five official federal holidays - New Year’s Day, Easter, Canada Day, Labour Day, and Christmas. The rest are provincial. Not sure why something such as Remembrance Day isn’t seen fit to recognize as a holiday at the federal level…

True it's not a stat holiday in Ontario and hasn't been for many years, but to say " They probably forgot all about it" is offensive. I just left Trenton last year after 14 years and I can tell you from experience there are large turn outs at ALL the local Remembrance Day services in the Quinte region, weekday or weekend. And despite schools not closing assemblies are held in the high schools and all the elementary school take their classes to the local ceremony.

If you need further education on this part of the country I suggest you Google Highway Of Heroes images and see how little Ontarians care. Your generalization with no foundation in fact is insulting and offensive. Makes me proud that I went to the Middle East to fight for your freedom to be an idiot.

It's a full holiday in the Maritimes too, with lots of support at services.

Maybe Quebec is still annoyed about conscription in WW1?

You clowns do realize a significant portion of those that died in Afghanistan were Quebecers? Your sense of humour is disgusting.

I do apologize. really.

As some one who has served a tour - albeit The first gulf war .... The Canadian army has high numbers of Eastern Canadians - and prairie provinces enlisted - and of course Ontario and Quebec. Every course I was one - every posting I had was clearly dominated by French Canadians/ Newfies and Prairie men. We use to say that you could tell the provinces that where broke because those where the ones you ran into the most. That was 20 years ago and I am sure the demographic has changed greatly and this may not be relevant. What I could tell you is the differences I noticed in how people remember across Canada. In the praires no matter how small the town the entire town shows up at the cenotaph. On the west coast the numbers have grown in attendance year after year and with Afghanistan and a high number of reserves serving and some paying the ultimate sacrifice it has made Nov 11 much more personnel. In Quebec I always found them to be deeply religious and more solem in public services but much - much more religious - only province I saw that had church service with rememberance day combined.

East Coast was the same as the prairies - Whole towns turn out for the cenotaph then off to the legion for a big social for the rest of the day. Ontario has most of our show items so much more formal but larger public attendances.

So each province and area have their own traditions and their own way of remembering. In some small towns across Canada the seniors there remember all to well loosing almost all their young men from WW2 so remembrance day still to this day hits home hard on whole communities. But volunteering for service in time of war is not unique to any one area in Canada. In some smaller areas like I said it nearly wiped out whole generations of young men - in larger cities the losses where just as high but not to the point of nearly decimating all men of that community. One thing is for sure though - with Afghanistan it has reminded all Canadians from West to East coast and everyone in between - that freedom has a high price and the dead are not just names from our grandparents generations - they are now men and ladies that are the same age as us - the same small and large communities as us and the same different cultures as us. And sadly we have women killed in direct combat now as well bringing home that deaths in war are not gender bias either.

Please - use remembrance day as a time to remember but also a time to learn - In the 90's many Canadians stopped attending remembrance day services as soldiers dying was not touching their lives or their communities. Now that sadly is reversing - sad because it took new deaths to bring the cost of war home - but good that people once again are beginning to understand why we remember on Nov 11.

For me the best part of Nov 11 was never the parade or service - but the rest of the day being feed free beer down at the legion by the vets - eager to reminisce and hear new war stories and enjoying a day with fellow soldiers. On Nov 11 remember those that served and thank those that do. :cowboy:

Well said nythril. Nice post.

Apology accepted ploen_truth. I'm not the most politically correct in the crowd, but there are a few things that get right under my skin.

Thanks for the insight thril! Great post!

And thanks to all who have served! We can definitely never forget those who have paid the price for our freedom!

Even if they push the game time back, I hope that there is still a tribute to our soldiers, Lord knows they deserve it!

I highly doubt, given the leagues recent history, that something will not be done prior to both games in recognition of the day.

The debate has gone on for years in Ontario. Vets themselves have stated that they don't want Rememberance Day to be a "Holiday" especially in schools. It should be a day where the schools have Rememberance Day Services and Vets come to the schools to tell their stories and experiences.
To say that somehow Westerners take it more serious because they give their kids a day off is ridiculous.

If you have ever been to a Rememberance Day service in Ottawa in the last few years you would see record crowds at the Cenotaph. I know from relatives in Hamilton that it's the same there and in other communities in Ontario.

You don't have to give people a Holiday to make Rememberance Day special. At schools and work places you have services and a minute of silence at 11AM - it's about Rememberance - not a day off to forget

It's interesting that the Brits have- Rememberance Day on the Sunday closest to Rememberance Day - no services if Nov 11 is on a Mon to saturday. Always on a Sunday and no Holiday

It's a 1:00 p.m. start in Toronto. If the league changed the time of the game to accommodate Remembrance Day services in the west it would end up as a 3:00 Eastern time start (noon Pacific time) and that would push the Western final to about 6:00 or 6:30. Having that late of start causes scheduling conflicts for TSN.