Remembrance day in October

I will proudly be wearing RED at the game on Saturday.

I have a t-shirt my deceased father-in-law gave me that he received from the Royal Canadian Legion. (He flew Hurricanes and Spitfires in the Second World War). The shirt has a tribute to the Canadian Armed Forces printed in white on it.

I encourage all of my fellow Ticat fans to wear red if they attend this game, rather than your usual Ticat regalia. Corporal Cirillo will be watching I am sure.


Well said Mike from the Hammer, if not a Red T-Shirt, your Cats Jersey and Canadian Flags, Let's show our pride for the great Hamilton Hero Corp Cirillo who lost his life in Ottawa and the two other soldiers earlier in the week and the many soldiers like these brave souls who have done so for us.

All so that we maybe free to enjoy our lives in this great country of Canada everyday!!

I fly my Canadian Flag everyday to Honour those great Canadians who will never be forgotten for giving us our freedom!!


Here's hoping the blew team does something classy in memory for Cpl Cirillo...

Look for members of the Argylls at the Redblacks' tribute for the two soldiers at tomorrow night's game in Ottawa

Hopefully Captain.

The Argylls will be sending a member of the regiment to Ottawa take part in a special tribute at the Ottawa Redblacks— Montreal Alouettes football game Friday evening.

“We will be holding special pre-game ceremonies to honour Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who both lost their lives this week while on duty serving their country in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec and in Ottawa,? Redblacks spokesperson Randy Burgess Said.

“The hope is to get representation from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and from the Canadian Forces and give our fans an opportunity to salute them with cheers and grieve with them during a moment of silence

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I seen on the news tonight that the ticats are sending the Big Canadian Flag to Ottawa for friday night :cowboy:

Glad to hear that. Our league and country are amazing. Can’t wait to watch.

I agree, Canadian flags for Saturday.

Quick question; where would the best place be to buy a flag, and are there places that donate a portion to a charity or anything?

Don’t know if it’s the “best” place, but Canadian Tire typically has Canadian flags, at least when they have seasonal summer stock. In general, probably any place that sells accessories for RVs or boats will have Canadian flags. I doubt any of those places donate a portion to charity, but maybe somewhere does.

Quick check on Canadian Tire website shows a variety:

[url=] ... flags.html[/url]

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec now44 seconds ago
#Argos will have one minute silence for Nathan Cirillo before #Ticats game Saturday. #CFL

It should be a special moment in Ottawa tonight, especially with a member of the Argylls on the field for a pre-game tribute.
The Prime Minister attends every REDBLACKS game, I wonder if he will be there tonight too.

I hope anyone in the area will come out if possible and maybe line the bridges or something as Cpl Cirillo returns to Hamilton

Police motorcycles will escort the body of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo down the the Highway of Heroes on Friday afternoon The motorcade will travel to his hometown of Hamilton, Ont., about an hour southwest of Toronto.
[url=] ... -of-heroes[/url]

If the route remains exiting at the Main St exit and proceeding down Main, I plan on standing near City Hall.

I hope many turn out anywhere along the route.

Need to listen to updates as to approximate time of arrival in Hamilton.

Guys don’t forget WO Vincent, he was a Forces Member too that was murdered on Monday!!

I can't make it to the game, but I am proudly wearing my red "Support our Troops" t-shirt today in honour of both Nathan and W/O Vincent and the others who were attacked in both events and were lucky enough to survive.