Remembrance Day Games

I noticed that Lions-TiCats kicks off at 1300 Eastern time, meaning that the game starts at 1100 for Mountain time and runs through the eleventh hour in BC. Does anyone know what’s going to happen? (Eg moment of silence) I thought games weren’t allowed before 1300, and that should apply to both teams’ times in a nationally broadcasted game. They should have put that game to the evening.

It 11 am in Calgary,there will be a moment of silence prior to kick off whick wont happen until ~ 11:10… I have been to several remembrance day games. Always an observation

My understanding is the cfl has mandated that Hamilton/BC game will be paused at 2 pm eastern or 11am pacific for a moment of silence to honour our veterans.

I am surprised you did not research this before posting !!

Congratulations on your third post btw.

I’m more talking about why the CFL would even allow a game on 11/11 where one of the teams’ time zones would run the game through 11, even if they have a pause.

Especially when there is a wide open evening slot

I suggest you ask TSN /Bell Media as they call the shots on this .

Great idea. You sit outside after dark in November. The TiCats-Lions game will stop at 11 am PST for a well-deserved moment of silence.

Gladly, if I had tickets and lived there. I did it yesterday for high school games

Maybe the participating teams could make a donation to their local legions to help support the veterans.

As others have said, the broadcaster in this case, TSN largley influences the playoff schedule.

The timeslots are set months and months in advance so there is certainly so they can maximize the ad revenues.

At the time the schedule was out, no one could accuractly predict BC would be the crossover. If it was any other team, west or east the moment of silence can happen before the game hence it is 2pm EST.