Remembrance Day ...fav war movies

given the day what are your most memorable War moves ?

mine is Private Ryan

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Two that immediately come to mind are :

Saving Private Ryan

The Great Escape ( My dad actually knew one of the guys involved in the actual escape . He wasn't one of the 76 who escaped but was one of the excavators and tunnelers . )


Full Metal Jacket. In my opinion the best war movie ever made. Coming from the best director ever, Stanley Kubrick. I would go as far as to say that the first 45 minutes are the best first 45 minutes in movie history. “This is my rifle. There are many like it…”.

Also right up there for me would be Apocalypse Now and Dr. Strangelove (Cold War).

I think Saving Private Ryan is a very good movie from a very good director (Spielberg) but I personally prefer black comedies.

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This is not about a movie but thought I would share this.
I am back in Florida for Veterans/Rememberance Day and I flew the Canadian flag alongside the Stars and Stripes in our annual 11 November parade


Dr Strangelove.

Apocalypse Now is also fantastic.

I love the documentaries with real footage from ww 1 and ww2 .

Lot's of great vids on YouTube . Tons of real Canadian Stories .

For WW2 movies Saving Private Ryan for it's realism of combat . The bullets whistling by etc .... just takes you there . Lot's of work went into it . Next would be A Bridge too Far . On epic movie about Operation Market garden .

Enemy at the Gates - Russian / German Sniper movie

1917 - Not a bad movie worth it
Dunkirk - More times I watch it I like it more but it drags at times
War Horse - Sad movie make yah cry

The WW2 movie with Canadian slant /war movies

The Devils Brigade -
A Man called Intrepid - Canadian founder
GreyHound - Atlantic War and is helped by a Canadian Destroyer

Recent Hyena Road - Afghanistan

Old war movies from years ago wars

Gladiator - realistic Roman battle opening scene

Empire war movies
Zulu 1964 _ British win over come crazy odds
Zulu Dawn 1979 British lose in a disaster
Last of the Mohicans 1992 - Native , British movie that is fantastic Daniel Day Lewis does a great job like always

Apocalypse Now and Platoon were the Vietnam War movies that are epic then and can still enjoy .

Recent African conflict =
Black Hawk Down - amazing movie
13 Hours - Benghazi

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Dirty Dozen

Donald Sutherland in one of my fav rolls by him .

Oddball . One of a kind character with them "Negative waves " :rofl:


I'm disappointed with Canadians on this board. The best we can do discussing Rememerance Day is talking about favourite War Movies??

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You can blame me mikem for starting the thread. and in asking the question.
I was watching history channel with old footage of war and it just made me think about war films. No need to be disappointed in Canadians.on here. Feel free to add what you feel needs to be said. Or add to Pauls post.

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What do you want us to discuss? Who is your favorite veteran? All you would get is a handful of guys saying ‘my uncle Bill’ and the odd Billy Bishop (who is mostly if not all pumped up legend).

Battle of the Bulge was 75 years ago and Vimy Ridge was over 100. That makes them no less significant but how is this generation supposed to relate other than by reciting a textbook? And our media gave us little to no details of the horrors of the Persian Gulf other than a handful of scud missiles over Tel Aviv one night.

Or shall we talk about the dismembered limbs on display in Baghdad during the occupation which the American media claimed were civilians but then were actually revealed to be mercenary ‘security contractors’ which showed that America was violating the Geneva protocols?

Might I add Gallipoli to the movie list.

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Lighten up a bit pdog. A lot of pain and suffering for many who fought and died in both WW. stuff we can not even imagine.

I have never been to war thankfully but my parents suffered under Nazi occupation in Europe during WWII. Before they passed I heard many stories about some of the horrors that went on. As a result, Rememberance Day is to me the most important holiday of the year. Whether you are religious or not, there is no denying that the sacrifices of a multitude of soldiers over many different wars is the main reason that we are here today and live in probably the freest country in the world ( for those in Canada).

There are many, especially the young, who did not have parents involved in wars and who haven’t been given the information necessary to appreciate what has been done for them. Expecting them to research this on their own or after being told to do so is unrealistic. In this sense many of the movies mentioned have helped and can continue to help those who are unaware become somewhat educated and perhaps even interested in the sacrifices of our predecessors. And that is a good thing.


I’m just disappoined that on November 11th, which is an important date, that we don’t even talk about it on these boards. It’s not about war movies, we have veterans that fought in Afghanistan, the Balkans, UN service etc
The Silver Cross mother this year was a woman that lost her daughter in Afghanistan. This is recent history
But all I see on here is “what was your favorite war picture” ??

I just attended a Rememberance Day - Veterans Day service in Florida - we had the Canadian flag, Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes flying high. The veterans were not only Vietnam vets, but servicemen that recently served including a couple of Canadian ex-servicemen.
I think the Americans do a much better job of honouring their veterans.


I will defer to your knowledge of American practices. I can see that it is a very important day for you. I do think that given the average age of the members of this forum that the overwhelming majority do understand the importance of this day.

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And after a very short period of time being in Afghanistan.

Oddly enough unvaxxed veterans were kicked out of their legion for not "showing their papers".

We've already forgotten

I saw ‘The Battle of Britain’ on a huge movie screen (not one of those puny movie plex screens) when I was a kid.

Wow. Just wow. Even the popcorn was epic. :smiley: :+1:

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I totally understand that and would never belittle that. I simply was remarking that talking about war movies is not disrespectful, as we have spent the last 3 generations in peace time in this land, (good) movies are about as close as most of us get to appreciating the horrors of war.